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Save states and Save files not loading

  • I'm having some difficulty with save states and battery files.

    After building a new Pi 4 4GB into a RetroPie, I wanted to move my save states and save files from my old Pi 3 RetroPie and continue games where I left off.

    I've tried copying the files via FTP, SCP, and even USB transfer. The files exist, the emulator claims to load the save states, but nothing happens. If I create a save file in a new slot on the new RetroPie, it will load.

    For games with SRM or SAV files, my data isn't showing up. Newly created files will load.

    Here's a rundown of the configs:
    New RetroPie:
    Raspberry Pi 4 4GB
    RetroFlag NESPI4 case with safe shutdown enabled and scripts running
    XBox 360 wireless and PS3 controller attached and working
    Hotkey enabled and working
    Running RetroPie 4.6.7
    RetroPie installed from the Raspberry Pi imaging utility for Windows because I was feeling lazy.
    ROMs located on USB attached SSD "cartridge" included with case (Also experienced the same issue from USB stick attached)
    Happening with NES (lr-fceumm and nestopia), SNES (snes9x and snes9x-2010), and GBA(lr-mgba) emulators
    I have tried running the permissions reset utility included in the RetroPie setup utilities.

    Here's the log file from when I try to load a save state in Faxanadu:

    Old RetroPie:
    Raspberry Pi 3B+ in RetroFlag NesPi case
    Safe shutdown scripts running
    XBox 360 wireless and PS3 controller attached and working
    Hotkey enabled and working
    Running RetroPie 4.6.6
    Built from an older image and updated several times over the course of the last year or more, I think.

    I'm sure this is one of those permissions / simple config things that I'm just over looking, but I'd really appreciate any help.

  • Global Moderator

    [INFO] [Video]: Timings deviate too much. Will not adjust. (Display = 30.00 Hz,                                                                                                                                                              Game = 60.10 Hz)
    [INFO] [Video]: Game FPS > Monitor FPS. Cannot rely on VSync.
    [INFO] [Video]: Video @ 3840x2160

    unrelated, but you'll want to set your resolution to a 1080p60 mode via raspi-config (or via edits to /boot/config.txt). currently you're running at 4k and 30hz - must look horrible.

  • @dankcushions Not really horrible, but I have an unpredictable video stutter. That was the next item on my research list. Thanks for that! That saved me a bit of time!

  • @dankcushions I just changed the resolution and frequency. Ignore my last comment about it not being horrible. It looks sooooooo much better now. Thanks again!

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