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VMU space on Redream

  • Redream seems to work brilliantly on my setup, but I have a problem that I haven't encountered since I actually owned a Dreamcast. It's not that my virtual VMUs have run out of batteries and keep beeping, it's that I keep running out of space.

    Most emulators on Retropie seem to create a new virtual memory card for every game you play. The one on Redream seems to share it between all the games on my system, so that I keep running out of space. Is there any way to stop it having one common card between all games?

  • @Ka Some games seem to be able to view all of the VMUs (like Marvel vs Capcom, if I recall), while others (like Skies of Arcadia) seem to see only the one. There may be a more elegant solution here, but what I have been doing is two-fold - 1) any game that recognizes the other VMUs, I put my saves there; and 2) I export saves for games I play less often to the other VMUs and import them back to the main one as needed. That second one is a little annoying, but you wouldn't need to do it much if you're only playing a handful of games at a time. You can shift the VMU location of saves either in the redream menus (just click on the individual save and then 'export' it and 'import' it elsewhere, then delete it from the first VMU, or you can also do that in the VMU manager in the dreamcast front end (which I can enter as if it were a game).

  • @BreadPie thanks! I was hoping there was a more elegant solution, but I’ll try just spreading the saves around the other VMUs for the games that support that.

    The Mac version of Redream doesn’t have shared VMUs, so hopefully a future update will sort the Retropie version in this regard.

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