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  • Hi all,

    I thought i would try NDS emulation and so have updated my retropie and installed the drastic emulator. My games work, and some of my button reconfig works, but some don't seem to work.

    Basically i am configuring the NDS dpad as my left joystick - this and A,B,X,Y all work fine.
    I am then trying to configure the NDS Touch Cursor as my right joystick and the touch button as a player 2 button. These get recognised in the drastic options but only left and right seem to work. I am not sure if the touch press works as it does change the screen in mario kart but does not seem to work for Super Mario 64 where it says 'Touch to Start'.

    I tried changing screen orientation and switching the dpad and cursor between p1 and p2 but it doesnt seem to make the cursor go up or down.

    Any ideas?

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