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A tip on finding that config file you just accidentally created or changed.

  • Hi People, this might be helpful:
    I often get lost in the file structure of Linux and all the different config files for RetroPie.

    Perhaps you were trying to change the input for a game, and you just accidentally created a core remap instead of a game remap file.
    Here's a fast and easy way using Windows PC with WinSCP to track down that file so you can edit it or delete it.

    Enable SSH in Retropie>Raspi-Config if not already enabled.
    Use WinSCP software to connect to your pi via SSH.
    Navigate to opt/retropie/configs.
    Find Files using a file mask of >2020-10-17 to find all the files that were changed that day.
    WinSCP lets you edit the files or delete them from your PC.

  • Addendum: You can also do that in the Linux command shell.

    cd /opt/retropie/configs
    find -type f -newermt yesterday

    -type f lists only files, not directories.
    -newermt yesterday shows only files whose modification time is newer than yesterday.

    If you append -ls to the command, you'll get a more detailed output.

    find -type f -newermt yesterday -ls

    See here for more examples.

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