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  • @Zup I'm looking into Team Arena now.

    I had music issues when I got Quake running earlier this year, but I don't recall why exactly.

    Not trying to be pedantic but could you share your directory structure for quake? It may be a simple thing that you've overlooked.

    Edit : I take it you followed this tutorial for Team Arena?

    Edit 2 : Team Arena would not be documented as it's not supported by any 'official' RetroPie package.

  • @Zering My directories Quake are:


    (parent is ~/RetroPie/roms/ports)

    In Quake 3, I follow this structure:


    I can't see the tutorial you linked, but in other tutorials said that I must use the files pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3 and pak3.pk3... but Steam only includes pak0.pk3 for Team Arena.

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    @BuZz said in Issues installing Quake:

    Enough of the attitude please.

    Zering started it .. where's his [removed] warning ?

  • @Zup Try my link again, I just corrected an error.

    The tutorial in the link says that the GOG version works, and has all the files you need. I'm checking now but I have to redownload it and my computer is very slow.

    I assumed your quake/id1/music directory contains track02.ogg through to track11.ogg?

    This is the guide I used when I encountered the same issue, maybe it will help you.

  • @Zering I think I've solved the issue with Team Arena... the Steam release is not up to date. It contains only the pak0.pk3 file, while pak1 through 3 were aded on a later patch.

    I've downloaded the patch, applied it and copied the files to the Raspberry. Team Arena is running fine now.

  • @Zup Excellent! Did you make any headway with Quake 1's music?

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    aaah didums .. i said a naughty word :(

    won't happen again ... until someone trash talks me and moderators take their side.

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    @ReadyP1ayaW0n said in Issues installing Quake:

    aaah didums .. i said a naughty word :(

    Actually it was I that banned your account for inappropriate language. It was a temporary ban, but I guess you haven't got the patience to wait until it expired.

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    @mitu said in Issues installing Quake:

    It was a temporary ban, but I guess you haven't got the patience to wait until it expired.

    I guess not .. lol :D

  • Sorry, I got distracted installing Doom and Quake 2.

    After downloading a new set of ogg files, I've got the music working. It seem that my files were corrupted.

    Now, the only question is how to use mods in lr-tyrquake...

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