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  • pi 4b+ 8gb

    i was scraping my roms last night when all of a sudden it stopped picking up images mid search. still today i was having the same problem using the built in scraper so i downloaded the scraper optional package which allowed me to finish some of my roms collection. no matter which database i scraped from it would not allow me to scrape psx or psp images giving me different errors on diff dbases. gamesdb was giving me hash errors even though it states above "hash.csv up to date" whilst the screenscraper was giving me "invalid character < looking for beginning of value" responses and another openVGDB was giving me image : unknown format errors. i then downloaded skyscraper which did exactly the same thing..

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    Screenscraper is down, as noted in the pinned topic at the top of the "Help & Support" category - in fact, if you go to their site, it mentions it's under maintenance. So, no matter which scraper are you using, choosing ScreenScraper as a source will not work.

    TheGamesDB have a request quota (reset monthly, from what I can remember), so you might have reached that quota. I think Skyscraper will show you in the scraping log the number of remaining requests so you can check if reached that quota.

  • so if i use gamesdb on the built in scraper for emulation station does that also have a quota, do you think thats the reason why it just stopped gathering images mid scrape??

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    @kay-Row It doesn't matter which program you're using to scrape (EmulationStation/scraper/Skyscraper), the quote is per source (your own network address). Skyscraper has the ability to show you if your quote is exceeded, EmulationStation does not.

  • @mitu ok is there anyway around this could i create a account and and change the config files maybe ??

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    @kay-Row Create an account - where ?

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