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8 bit computers snapshots and covers

  • Well, its been a lot of time since I had some time to spend here or doing some new systems for the tronkyfran(&herb) theme. The fact is that I'm a bit burned on modeling all that systems(I have the acorn atom and electron almost done but I cant find the motivation to finish), and need a little change to move forward in a different way. SO :

    I mostly play old amstrad & spectrum games(some c64 too), and found that the artwork for their games is not very cute. I know that getting into this is a very BIG task(SO MANY games on this systems), and because of that I would like to make a nice photoshop template for everyone to contribute on this project, if someone find it interesting.

    For Amstrad here is the mockup( removing the background), I suppose that spectrum is more or less the same:

    I know that there are many custom cases for this systems, and I would like to cover many of them if people likes this project and want to contribute. ;)

    PD: The template would be a photoshop one but I didnt the best solution yet, I'm open to any suggestions!!!!!

  • Cristal Case

    Template_v01 is here, its still a work in progress, no actions, some layers still not there, but usable for photoshop savvy people:

    Taking a look to suggestion of spiel4fun for this way of making covers:

  • Awesome. Hope you could finish this project. Cannot wait to enjoy it!

  • Hi @tronkyfran ,

    I'm new here and haven't made any presentation, but a friend send me here to offer you something ;)

    I participate to a big BDD project named screenscraper
    Data & Media in Multilangue with lot's of HD media and autogeneration of support and box.

    You can see an exemple here for C64 : 1942 data

    And this is the generated 3DBox :

    I also make a Scraper for Recalbox (normally it work on Retropie Too, it's based on Emulationstation so...) named Universal XML Scraper

    This scraper can make lot's of thing an for exemple what I named a MIX template. (See the WIKI )

    Multi picture (scraped or not) in one picture for emulationstation theme.

    This is some exemple of what It can make :


    And with the good theme this is some rendered view (on recalbox) :


    If you want I can make a template for you to have exactly what you need.
    A fixe background picture with a scraped 3DBox.

    The only problem, is Screenscraper is less than 1 year old, it already have a very nice BDD but, some media are missing. So if you want a nice scrape (and a nice media) don't hesitate to participate.

    And if you have any problem with Screenscraper or Universal XML Scraper, just call ;)

  • WoW!!!! That would be awesome!!! If I can focus on doing just the 3d template for various systems everything will be much much faster.

    I'm not sure of how do you generate the 3d views from the covers, but It would be perfect if I can have 1 background layer , your media cover layer multiplicated by a 2nd layer, and a cristal reflection(add) 3d layer. Maybe Im asking for too much...

  • I actually working on the V2 for universal XML Scraper with a lot's of new "MIX template" function like transparency, cuting, mask layer, ... Why not a cristal reflection ;)

    In the worst case, we can cheat with a fake schadow on a fixe transparent layer ;)

    look the template I'm working on :

    It's already possible ;)

    (This template is in stand by, working on the V2 ;) )

    The template for 3D Case is simply the flatten box texture ;) you have "gabarit" for nearly each system if you want to contribute ;) (And if it lake of gabarit, just ask, we will add it ;) )

  • @screech I know 3D box art mixed addons on Recalbox. Is it can be applied in Retropie? How to do this?

  • Hi @tien_huu_1408 , it's not an "addon", it's my soft : Universal XML Scraper.

    It scrape your roms and generate a gamelist.xml file + picture.

    The picture can be a simple one (screenshot, 2D Box, 3D Box, Wheels, ....) or a "MIXed" one.

    On the Wiki, there is a tuto to create your MIX template if you want something particular or you can use the "premade" template.

    I haven't made a "Retropie" Profil for scrape right now, but the recalbox one (or the Emulationstation one) must work. Recalbox is based on Emulationstation (same as Retropie I think ?) so the gamelist.xml must be the same.

    If you want, I can make "quickly" a profil for Retropie to test ;)

  • @screech Your software tools looks great !
    What OS does it require to run and generate gamelist.xml: Raspbian ? Windows?
    Does it scrape only from Screenscraper site or can it also scrape from other sites like mobygames ? (they have an extensive list of games with cover art for commodore vic-20 and many other systems).

  • @screech Hope you could help me create a profile for Retropie. I know Universal XML Scraper is a scraper program on Windows. Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you asap!

  • Ok, @screech , what workflow do you think we should follow? Maybe we can make a test with the already done case for amstrad? I can make it ready in no time, and once its polished we can go on with the same metodology for the rest of cases..

  • @UDb23 UXS (the small name of Universal XML Scraper ;) ) run only under windows (really sorry) and scrape only from Screenscraper (not so sorry ^^)

    But Screenscraper grow fast ;) we are actuelly on completing Sega system, but old computer are comming ;) meanwhile, if you want you can submit your own cover if you want ;)

    @tien_huu_1408 I'll work on a Retropie Profil today ;) so I can release a new version with all the things matching retropie environnement ;)

    @tronkyfran If you want a MIX template, just send me you "background" and the standard size you want ;) ( for now, waiting the UXS V2 with reflexion and/or shadow function, if you want I can try to make a "fake" shadow)

    To add a covert to Screenscraper for CPC for exemple, you just need to match the "gabarit" cover ( here : ), create an account, select the game you want, and submit the cover ;) Just after that I (or other admin) will validate your cover and it will generate the 2D and 3D Box ready to be scraped ;)

  • @screech Hope to get your new version for enjoying this weekend.

  • Hi every one, sorry, I'm pretty late ;)

    This is a speciale release for Retropie :

    If someone want to try ;)

    Normally :

    • Launch the Exe
    • Choose your language
    • Choose your profile ('ScreenScraper (MIX)-Retropie' for exemple)
    • Choose to use Autoconf or not (if you have access to your retropie from your windows with samba Share, say yes ;) )
    • In SSH Menu choose "Kill Emulationstation" (or kill it manually via putty or directly on your retropie)
    • Choose your Mix Template in configuration/Change Mix Image Profil
    • Choose your system in Configuration/Auto configuration (if you choose autoconf at start ;) )
    • Config your path in Configuration/Configuration
    • Then clic on the Scrape arrow in the center ;)

    Let me know if there is problem ;)

  • @screech : Thanks a lot. I will try it . But could you make a guide for using it?

  • sorry, for now, I only have a Tuto in french TUTO

    But the process is pretty simple (look my post just up there)

    I'm working on a V2 and when it's done, I'll make a full Tuto with all the option ;)

  • @screech Tonight I will try Retropie profile. But still wait for your 2nd version. Thanks a lot. What's new in the 2nd version?

  • The V2 is far to be ready, but : All the XML function where rewrotted (more efficient, and faster ) GUI remade (more intuitive) Easyer to use with split of all the configuration (noob configuration and Expert configuration) New MIX Template function (shadow, layer mask, reflections,...) and much much better log ;)

  • @screech I tried with Dr. Mario from MAME-libretro. It generated gamelist.xml and dr.mario-image. I transferred into corresponding directory in Retropie. The information is good but does not show the scrapped image. I chose template 4img and Retropie-Mix profile.

    To deal with this problem, I changed image size to 400x288 and it worked like a charm.

    One more thing, some roms cannot be scrapped. Could you send me the PSD template for each type to manually create the image for those missing ones?

    I would like you add some futures:
    1/ Connect via Samba Shares automatically
    2/ Scrap all systems
    3/ Scrap missing roms only
    4/ Add more themes and profiles

    Hope to hear from you asap. Thanks!

    How to solve it? I think the large image should be resized? But which resolution should I change?

  • @tien_huu_1408


    So, In "Edit/config" menu you can :

    • Specifie the size of your Width & Height final picture ( for exemple 400x288)
    • Specifie in "Systems path" (Auto.conf. group) the path to your Share directory with all the different system (used for the Scrap All Function or the selection of your system to scrape)
    • In the down right corner "New XML File" make a new XML file (Thank you Captain obvious ^^) and "Append XML file" only add missing roms

    In "Edit" menu you can

    • select directly the system you want to autoconfigure Path (if you have configured Auto. Conf correctly in Edit/conf)
    • Scrape all the System

    The system list in auto configuration is the directory list of the "Systems path"

    I can add more MIX Template no problem, but you can do it too ;) this is the Tuto :[TUTO]-Make-your-own-MIX-Template

    Unfortunatly, I can't send you the PSD template... Because, there isn't any PSD ;) UXS make the final picture from scratch ;)

    Hope it help ;)

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