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Freeze issue with Raspberry Pi Zero - Fresh install

  • Hi guys!

    I'm reaching for help as I've got some kind of weird freezing issue with a RPI Zero I purchased on Pimoroni a week ago.
    I'm attempting to install Retropie v 4.0.2 on it on a San Disk Class 10 8 gb Micro SD card. Downloaded the image, used Apple Pi Baker (on Mac) to write the image on the card, went well.

    I'm now trying to set up the Pi. SD card, Logitech Illuminated keyboard, power supply plugged in and voilĂ  - it works. But not for long; After a few minutes the Pi would simply freeze and I would not be able to input anything via the keyboard.

    I am using

    • Power : 5V/3000 mA power supply that I use with my Pi 3.
    • Input : Keyboard over a Micro USB -> USB adapter provided by Pimoroni.
    • Video output : HDMI (using a mini HDMI -> Regular HDMI adapter also provided by Pimoroni).

    I have tried

    • Using another power supply, basically powering through an external battery (well, probably not a good solution ...)
    • Using another keyboard, also logitech but wireless this time (via an Unifying dongle).
    • Reinstalling Retropie on the 8 gb Micro SD card; and using another Micro SD (32 Gb Class 10 SanDisk).
    • Installing Rapsbian (via NOOBS) on the 8 gb card; and it has been running for a couple hours without issue.

    I don't have another Micro USB -> USB adapter that I could use.

    The Pi keeps on freezing in Retropie. I thought of card/data corruption but does not seem like it; It seems that this is RetroPie related ?
    Been looking at solution for the last few hours but haven't been to work this out yet;

    I should also mention that the green led on the Pi never turns off.

    Any contribution would be greatly appreciated ;)

    Thanks a lot!

    • Pi Model: (B, B+, 2 B etc..) : Pi Zero 1.3 Model B
    • RetroPie Version Used: (3.6, 3.8.1, 4.01 etc..) : 4.0.2
    • Built From: (Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website, Berryboot, or on top of existing OS etc..) : Image on + ApplePi Baker (Mac)
    • USB Devices connected: 1x Illuminated Keyboard
    • Controller used: None at this stage
    • Error messages received: None, the Pi simply freezes
    • Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): Haven't checked yet
    • Guide used: (Mention if you followed a guide) : The guide on
    • File: (File with issue - with FULL path): N/A
    • Emulator: (Name of emulator - if applicable) : N/A
    • Attachment of config files: (PLEASE USE PASTEBIN.COM FOR LARGE LOGS): N/A
    • How to replicate the problem:

  • Update : Been testing with a controller (still plugged through the micro USB -> USB adapter). Pi Zero still freezes after a few minutes.

  • Do you use a passive HUB?
    Because every passive hub port can only provide power of 100mA current.

    Is your micro USB cable working? The OTG functionallity is provided if PIN 4 and 5 of the micro USB plug are connected together. So if you test PIN 4 (ground) of the USB-A-port you should get a connection of PIN 4 and 5 of the micro USB plug.

    I also use a Pi Zero with a 3A converter from 12V and 5V and I don't run in any trouble with the response of keyboard or joypads.

    Can you also check temperature please?

    vcgencmd measure_temp

  • Hey! Thanks for your reply.

    I don't use a hub. I'm using the micro usb -> usb adapter then the keyboard/ or controller.
    I'll check my adapter thanks. Also I have check the md5 of the iso file I downloaded from the retropie site and I got


    According to the site I should have


    I'm re-downloading this just in case.


    Also : Should I buy a self-powered hub for the Pi or would the following suffice :


  • run raspi-config make sure your 0 is running at 1000mhz and not something weird like 700 900 or 950. technically those aren't weird, just the pi1 specs which should be fine on a 0 since it's just a shrunken and optimized 1 but sometimes these boards can be picky about their clock speed

  • Hi I think you are referring to the 'overclocking' option in raspi-config - I can't overclock (or underclock). It says 'This Pi can't be overclocked'

  • @7thP

    Yes an active Hub will be fine. I ran always in trouble with my passive one. I can connect 2 Joypads and a Keyboard on the hub and they always work but a small USB-LAN converter that needs 120mA won't work :(

    Just for checking for right OTG

  • administrators

    @7thP said in Freeze issue with Raspberry Pi Zero - Fresh install:

    I'll check my adapter thanks. Also I have check the md5 of the iso file I downloaded from the retropie site and I got


    According to the site I should have


    d3e412e85c7dc8e778deee1e0ce63658 is the md5sum of the unpacked file - the md5sum 2d24be98dc6f7f72070604f810ca01ee is the compressed file.

  • Yep Tx. Checked this and the first file I downloaded was OK. The issue must be somewhere else.

  • Hi all!

    I have the answer now - Ordered a new Pi Zero @ Pimoroni, been testing it yesterday. Setup is 100% the same as with the other Pi Zero (same power supply, equipment and micro SD). It has been running Retropie for around 15 hours now without any issue. So I can say the other Pi Zero is faulty. Many thanks for your help all !! ;)


  • @7thp Hello! I have this very same issue and was wondering whether you figured out a way to identify the faulty hardware.

    I got a Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.1 but I don't know if there are different manufacturers, variants or something that helps identify possible hardware issues.

    If you have any info on what the difference was with the second board you ordered (from the same vendor I understand), please share.


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    @trinajst You already have a post open about your problem, please don't post the same question over and over on any topic related, especially on 2 year old ones.

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