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RetroArch has XMB (PS3) like interface on some cores now

  • I've been running a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 3.8.1 image that I have been using and upgrading piecemeal since June. Recently I upgraded the underlying kernel and upgraded all installed components to bring me up to 4.0.3.

    Everything still works, but if I use the key-combo to get into the RetroArch overlay menu, I only see the classic green semi-transparent menu on some cores. On other cores, I see an XMB-style interface which I presume is supposed to resemble a PS3, including ribbon. Well, I really don't care for it.

    How do I get all of my RetroArch menus back to the simple green?

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    in whichever retroarch.cfg:
    menu_driver = "rgui"

    edit, corrected

  • I did that, but while it brought back the menu look, I still could not navigate it at all with my gamepad. RetroArch is hopelessly messed up on my system. I tried just deleting the SNES .cfg file in the hopes that a new system-generated one would be better, but now I have smoothing, and my gamepad won't even work in the games anymore.

    I'm done trying to figure out how to fix this. I'm erasing the card and starting from scratch.

    Lesson learned: Don't upgrade if it's not broken.

  • @Lyle_JP the first time this issue was reported (2016-01-09) we realized that RetroArch recently changed the default menu driver to xmb when executing on a Raspberry Pi.

    This issue was solved in RetroPie, but since an updating doesn't overwrite the current all/retroarch.cfg, and just creates an retroarch.cfg.rp-dist, I think we'll get some more confused users coming here with this issue after an upgrade soon.

    Fortunately you started a topic with a very descriptive title and I hope they use the search engine to get the solution (menu_driver = "rgui").

    Could you please mark this topic as solved?

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