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Roland SC-55 Music Packs For Duke Nukem 3D, Doom series, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Descent series.

  • Found this on the official Libretro forums while searching for music for the Pc Ports.

    From the website

    Why make these music packs?

    The Roland SC-55 was the standard in the 90s for computer game soundtracks. It was the top of the line. The absolute best you could buy. Nearly every game supported it and preferred its many enhancements over the simple General MIDI standard. They not only supported it but most game soundtracks were composed with it and as a result their best gaming experiences were meant to be made with an SC-55. And now that I have an SC-55 myself I can share this experience with everyone else through the wonders of modern source ports with digital music pack support! After doing Duke Nukem 3D I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to record the SC-55 soundtracks of bunch of other games for completeness' sake. And also in anticipation of newer game ports that will hopefully one day support these music packs. And so I am.

    Each soundtrack was meticulously arranged from the original game MIDI/EMIDI/MUS files in Cakewalk Sonar for in-game looping (at the proper loop points where appropriate). They were recorded from a true Roland CM-500 MIDI Synthesizer in CM-300 (SC-55) mode for perfect and authentic Roland GM/GS Sound Canvas accuracy.

    Supports metadata loop tags for seamless looping

    But i don't know if it is against the rules to post the link so therefore i await and answer from @BuZz before i do that.

    Ok from BuZz so here we go

    Roland SC-55 Music Packs

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    Thanks for checking - feel free.

  • Do you know where you put these files for the game source port to see/use it?

    Also do this work on the Raspberry Pi ports of these source ports?

    A while back I got the music paks for Quake but I couldn't figure out how to get it working with the Raspberry Pi port. I loved the old nine inch nails soundtrack to Quake and I hate that Steam/GOG/etc do not have the soundtrack on the version that they offer. I have my Quake install CD packed away somewhere in storage.

    I think you just put them into a MUSIC folder but I'll test them when I get home.

    Here's an example for the Doom source port:

    And here's the Chocolate Doom configuration files music packs:

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    I will move this post to general.

  • Interesting. I played around with these music packs for DN and Doom before... but I could of sworn Shadow Warrior had CD music.

  • @backstander

    did you get this to work.

    i have been messing with it for a bit, and i just cant seem to get it going.

  • @backstander @Concat
    Hi! I have only activated music for the Doom games but i just followed this guide here.
    Retropie Wiki Ports Doom Music

  • @Rion

    yep so did i...i got nothing. no matter what i named it. all i have is the sound effects


  • @ExarKunIv
    I tried the link that @Rion posted using the Playstation version of the music and it works great! Had to rename the mp3 files like mentioned from that link and put them in the same folder as the doom.wad and doom2.wad files.

    It was a pain renaming them and I might have a couple tracks switched. Also quite a few of the mp3 files had to be reused for multiple levels. For example: The PSX tracks "level 01 (hangar).mp3" needs to be renamed to e1m1.mp3, e2m7.mp3, runnin.mp3 and ampie.mp3.

  • @backstander

    thanks for getting back to me.

    good to know I was doing it right, but sadly still nothing.
    well at least i know that it was not me messing it up. i have more playing around to do.

    thanks again

    update : after putting a fresh 4.1 load i still cant get the music to play. and doom was the only thing i even set up for it. guess for now i will just move on to something else

  • well i figured it out.

    my mp3 had a bunch of tag info on them. all i had to do was clear all the info and image from the mp3 and it plays like a dream :)

  • That's a good find @ExarKunIv !

    Someone should update the wiki to say to make sure all the id3 tags are cleared on the mp3s before it'll work.

  • good idea @backstander

    ill see if @BuZz could add something about the id3 info not letting the mp3 to play, i think it was the image that was attached to the mp3 that i was using, but i dont need all the other info anyways so clearing it all is a safe way to go

  • @ExarKunIv
    I realized later that anyone with a github account could update the wiki so I have already put a note on it to try clearing id3 tags if music is not playing :)

  • @backstander Very cool

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