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[SOLVED][Feature Request]Wifi Key import via /boot/wifikeyfile.txt

  • Thanks for adding this great feature so we can configure wifi networks without a keyboard! At the moment you can only connect to one wifi network with the script, would it possible to reprogram it to define a number of wifi networks to choose from? I would like this feature as sometimes I want to take my retropie to a friend's house or use the wifi hotspot on my phone and this would save bringing a keyboard along.

    Thanks again,

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    @DP That is beyond the scope of what I think would be useful for most people vs effort to implement. If you want to preconfigure your system for multiple wifi networks you can do so manually by editing /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and add some additional network blocks.

  • @BuZz That's fair enough. Thanks for the suggestion, I was able to pre-configure my wifi networks manually although I had to set update_config=0 otherwise the file would get overwritten. It seems like a bit of an oversight that when switching networks it always asks for a psk even if it already provided within wpa_supplicant.conf but it works for my purposes now so I'm happy!

    Thanks for your help!

  • @DP Sorry for being late .... you can modify the bash file I've created in first posting.
    This will append wifi settings to wpa_supplicant. The PW will also be hashed btw...

    The solution @BuZz created is a fine (to be true finest) way to connect to network. After network is established you can do anything you want.... for example create a bash file by yourself to add more networks and just put it in ES config menu :)

  • @BuZz said in [SOLVED][Feature Request]Wifi Key import via /boot/wifikeyfile.txt:

    Should handle CRLF files now.

    Thanks, looks good now.

  • For info:
    you can use this side to create hashed keys

    Just enter SSID and PW and it will generate hashed key.
    Knowledge is power!

  • Guys. There is no obvious explanation as to how or where to put this file. I see the scripts an that is it. I am not able to use the pi finder utility. I am trying to manually add the wifikeyfile.txt. How?

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  • @herb_fargus Thank you! I guess mine is not WPA, I will have to get a keyboard. Awesome forum.

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    @jseibert81 if you are using wep i would strongly recommend you switch to WPA if you have control over your router . Wep can be cracked in a heartbeat.

  • I tried to connect my Retropie to my Wi-Fi copying a wifikeyfile.txt in the boot folder using:

    ssid="My Wifi"
    psk="My Psw"

    but it does not work. Any suggestion?

  • @MEPoss
    We'll need more information to help.
    Make sure you're using WPA (not WEP) and that your network is not use a Hidden SSID (I'm not sure if that's supported) and make sure that your quotes are exactly " and not or .
    Also I would suggest that you power cycle your wireless router (especially if it has been up for months/years). Which means to unplug the power, count to 10 (wait 10 seconds), then plug it back in and wait for it to boot then try to connect to it again.

  • Sorry for bringing this up again, but I might have found another issue regarding special characters. My WPA2 passphrase contains a "|" which is (according to the standard) an allowed character. Importing the file gave me an error. I checked wpa_supplicant.conf and noticed that the SSID was imported correctly but the passphrase not. The passphrase was only imported up to the character before the "|". I entered it manually with a keyboard and then it worked.

    I would also recommend to implement an automatically deletion of the wifikeyfile.txt after a successful import.

  • Instead oft using standard Charakters you can try to hash the key. So the key will be transformed to a HEX string that contains only Charakters from 0 to 9 and A to F

    Im still on vacation ;D

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