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can't control retropie-setup's gui with snes pad using gamecon driver

  • Also, all related guis like raspi-config and pressing any button to alter the default emulator options before playing a game. Is there a setting or command I'm missing to add support for that? It worked when I was using the snesdev driver. I switched to the gamecon driver around a month ago and I really love how my pi2 shuts down a lot faster but this one problem has irked me. KB works. Pad works without issues in ES and games.

    Pi2, retropie 4.0.4

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    Those particular menus look for the first button (0) on the first controller (js0). You might want to run jstest to see if your controller is still being read as js0 and that it has a designated button 0. The gamecon driver might be affecting its placement in some way. xboxdrv has this problem when mapping a physical controller to a virtual controller. Since js0 is already reserved for the physical controller, the virtual controller always has to be relegated to at least js1.

  • @mediamogul
    thanks, I have somewhere to look into. Just checked, and it is js1 so that explains things. I guess at this point it's a limitation of retropie itself? Maybe a feature the devs can add in the future?

  • @Darksavior check the instructions made by joolswills in the comments here:

    Maybe it get some improvements in the future, but you can change it currently.

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