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  • Got my RaspPi built and RetroPie installed, sorted out the PS3 controller issues (very good replica, but was a fake controller, real controller linked no problem) but now, need to sort out the volume issue.

    Found some posts about loud or no noise, I thought sound wasn't working at all until I was about a foot from the TV and could hear some sound through my sound bar.

    Seems that when set to my regular volume for TV/Movies, the RetroPie volume is extremely low. Again, unless very quiet and very close, you'd think it was off.

    Couldn't find a volume setting on the RetroPie screens... anyone have any suggestions?


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    Please read and provide more information when posting - in this case for example it might be useful to know how your audio is configured (via hdmi or jack etc) [edit] missed HDMI in the topic title - but still good to fill out the sheet when reporting issues so we have as much information as possible.

    Did you try increasing the volume from "alsamixer" ? Available via retropie-setup menu in ES under "Audio / 4 Mixer - adjust output volume"

  • @THRobinson press the start button in emulationstation and sounds. By default the volume is at 77% on every pi i have done. I have to change it to 100%

  • Well, like the OP/Title says, it's through HDMI... I am using a new RaspberryPi 3 vB. I downloaded and installed the RetroPie img file, setup WiFi, ran a full update (4.0.4) and then paired my PS3 controller. I have added 1 game so far to test with. The HDMI is plugged into my Sony 40" Bravia TV, which goes into a Sony soundbar.

    Never used one of these before, nor do I have any linux/unix experience so, pretty new to this stuff.

    I will look for alsamixer when I get home and give that a try. I did (in that grey/blue DOS looking screen) click on HDMI instead of auto or headphones.

    I'll give that a try and hopefully all it needs. Thanks.

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    missed HDMI in the topic title - but still good to fill out the info sheet when reporting issues so we have as much information as possible.

  • @THRobinson please read my post above and check that first. A simple fix if it is your problem. Then try alsamixer if your volume is really at 100%

  • Works. changed from 77% to 100% and seems fine now.

    Now to tackle adding roms via wifi and how to delete them, and I think this thing is set. :)

  • @THRobinson if you are on windows you can use winscp. After you set up wifi on the system you can check the wifi ip address o. The pi. Us e that on winscp. Then username is "pi" and password is "raspberry".

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  • Actually I didn't do anything really except on my PC went to look at the network, retropie showed up and without extra software for IP addresses etc, it's let me copy/paste to the rom folders and delete stuff I don't want.

    We expecting a bunch of setup but, nope, showed on my network and allowed full access.

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