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Dynamic IP address 'not stable'

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm using Retropie 4.0.2 on a Raspberry Pi 3.
    Everything is working fine except the fact that the IP address changes after each sftp session or scp copy.

    The RPi3 is connected to my home WiFi and receives the IP address from a DHCP on the network. I can connect from a Mac OS X machine to the RPi3 using sftp, I can also copy files using scp, but every time I establish a connection with the RPi3 the IP changes.

    Connecting from mac OS X to a RetroPie on RPi3

    Using scp: if the session is long(large file transmission) it times out and I get disconnected, when I check the address on the RPi3 it has changed
    Using sftp: Same issue with long session, time out and disconnect.
    Another issue: if I close the sftp session before it times out the RPi3 IP address changes.

    Is there anyone that can point me in the direction to solve this problem?
    I know that I can use static IP, but I want to solve the dynamic IP problem not a workaround!

    Thanx in advance

  • Perhaps you've got a weak power supply?

  • @hellska

    I would first check how long your lease time is on your router for handing out IPs. I think the most common setting for home networks is like 4 days.

    I'm not sure if this works on the Mac but on my small network using Windows and FileZilla, I can just used the Rpi3's network name which I think is "raspberry" instead of the IP address to connect.

  • @kormik
    I bought a kit from Vilros AMAZON LINK

    The power supply is 2Amp, is it weak for the WiFi to function properly?

    I cannot change the lease time in the home router, but it's one week or even more, my desktop computer always have the same. And definitely I can access the RPi3 using the IP address while the name is not resolved, which is sad (and probably due to the home router, pre configured by the provider and unchangeable)

    thanx guys

  • @hellska said in Dynamic IP address 'not stable':

    The power supply is 2Amp, is it weak for the WiFi to function properly?

    @hellska It probably depends on what else you have attached to you RPi, but the specs for RPi3 say 2.5A is recommended.

    Your issue reminds me the behavior of my RPi1 with an external Wifi dongle. I never confirmed it was caused by insufficient power, but the fact was I had a poor 1.5A power supply back then. Using scp (which is consuming bit of CPU btw) was causing my Wifi to disconnect many times.

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