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No Display, please help

  • Hello, i just got all the parts for a RetroPie mini console i want to build. I downloaded retropie 0/1 image and used win32 disk imager to write that image into a 16gb class 10 micro-sdhc card. B4 i wrote the retropie image i formated the sdcard. I put the sd card into my Raspberry Pi zero. Then i pmugged in a micro usb cable with a 2.1Amp power, a otg cable that connects to a 4port usb hub, and a cable that has hdmi to mini hdmi on it. I also got a logitech usb controller connected into the hub. I plug it into my tv and it nothing happens. Can someone please help me diagnose the problem? The power isbt the issue cuz i use it to charge my galaxy s7 everyday, its a fast charger as well if thats a problem. Ok the hdmi, otg, pi zero, sd card, and the 4port hub are all brand new. From what i think, the problem might be the hdmi cable or something wrong with the image or the sd card. I have no way of testing if the hdmi to mini hdmi cable is faulty because i do not have any other mini hdmi devices. The controller is used but it is working. Will i need a bigger sd card? Or a class thats lower than class 10? Any help is appreciated.

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    @vmiget start with one thing at a time. Unplug everything except for the power, hdmi. And sd of course. Try and boot it without any peripherals. If it doesn't work then either you have a bad SD, bad connector, bad hdmi, bad power supply, or your display isn't supported (unlikely) or if it does work either a peripheral is broken or the power supply is insufficient

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    Alright i got it working. So it was the image file that was corrupt. I tried 2 more sd cards and it wudnt work so i redownloaded the inage file on my phone. Then transferred it to my computer and extracted it and tried again. Its now working. Thanks a bunch man

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