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Reicast displays games in folder

  • I have a few Dreamcast games on my RetroPie which use multiple files and need to be placed in individual folders to work. However this creates a small issue with how Emulationstation displays the games.

    I would like to see the games scraped meta data without having to click on the folder to view the game's file. Is there a way to do this? So that it just looks like any other system.

  • Howdy Friend,
    Nope sorry there is no least with my setup. All my dreamcast games have a cue file followed by track1 track2 track3 etc.
    All the other games have the exact same files so the only way to keep it from messing up is to keep everything in a separate folder.
    Unless you are using...I think they are called CDI files which compress and combine the audio files....but you take a major hit on audio quality when you use them.
    Just my thoughts.

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