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Newbie Needs Suggestions

  • Hello All
    I am wanting to buy my first Raspberry Pi to build a portable gaming system through Retropie. I want to buy all the components at one time though and want to give this project a $300 budget. I have some newbie questions though.

    1.) Can anyone suggest a good 7" to 10" screen to use? It needs to have an HDMI connection, low power consumption (5v?), and maybe have built in speakers.
    2.) Are most people using external speakers for similar builds? If so, how do you route the power through the Pi? USB maybe? Do you have a suggested product that works?
    3.) Im wanting to make this is portable gaming system inside a briefcase type case. I want to mount the screen to the top portion with the speakers, and have the Pi, Portable Battery Supply, and 2 controllers on the bottom. I would like to get a Portable Battery Supply that runs on an AC adapter that will run the entire system. When plugged in, it charges the battery while being able to use it, but also has the capability to be played for a limited amount of time without being plugged in. Maybe 4-6 hours of portable playtime. Would like a suggestion on an adequate Power Supply that would suit my needs.
    4.) With #3 being said, could I run the Pi through the Power Supply so that the Battery is providing power to the screen, speakers, Pi, and controllers? My idea is to connect the Screen, speakers, and Controllers to the Pi, which draws it's power from the Battery Supply, which can then be plugged into a wall outlet to power everything.

    I apologize for the many questions, but this being my first build, I want to get all the components at one time but do not want to waste money on things that I do not need or won't work. Im hoping with your experience, you can provide some suggestions on compatible components.

    Thanks in Advance

  • No Suggestions or recomendations?

  • @Alwaysbored612 my suggestion is: use the title of your post to describe your post. It can catch the atention of potential helpers.

  • @Alwaysbored612 I would suggest you do some googling on youtube. I did a quick search for "retropie game system in suitcase" and came up with these.

    Good Hunting.

  • @glennlake I really appreciate the reply and videos. However, these do not go into specifics on exactly what Screen is being used or how they were able to power up the Pi, Screen, and all the components. Im wanting to use a Battery pack to power the entire system, but also have the capability of plugging it into a wall outlet when they are available. While plugged in, I want it to be able to charge the battery pack while being able to play the retropie at the same time. I bought a 24,000Mah Battery Pack with USB connections but having ussue finding a Monitor that can be powered by the battery pack. Again, any suggestions or tips is greatly appreciated.

  • @Alwaysbored612 Have you searched the forums? I'm sure somebody has already completed a similar project and posted details here on the Projects board.

  • @Alwaysbored612 said in Newbie Needs Suggestions:

    Are most people using external speakers for similar builds? If so, how do you route the power through the Pi? USB maybe? Do you have a suggested product that works?

    Don't route the power through the pi. Get a power brick with 5 usb ports on it rated at 3A then from that you can power usb speakers, led lighting and anything else. Use a separate power pack to power the Pi. Se my speakers here. Just a cheap set from Amazon, ripped apart. Really good quality.

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