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Issues with screen, bluetooth recognition and scrolling through emulators

  • Hey guys, I'm having several issues installing RetroPie and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm not able to configure my wireless controllers without plugging them in with a cable first and when I disconnect the cable they are no longer recognized. I configured a wired SNES controller and when I tried to scroll left or right through the menu to search for emulators I was unable to move it. I tried different controllers and still could not move left or right through the menu.

    The third issue I'm having is new but at least it's isolated to this new screen I bought. I bought a 5 inch touch screen to put in front of my keyboard so I could play through a few SNES games without having to take up any space on my two monitors. and Retropie is only showing up on about 75%~ of the screen. I know the screen isn't faulty because I've tested it out on other devices and it shows the entire screen. I'll include links and pictures.

    alt text

    alt text

    (5 inch screen)

    The last issue I'm having is that Retropie doesn't even show up on this screen. Instead I just get a few colors on the screen. The screen works fine when I plug it into a windows device but it not with Retropie or Raspbian.
    (7 inch)

  • Pictures aren't showing up but here are the links.

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