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Mount iso image in Windows possible?

  • Pi Model or other hardware: Pi3
    RetroPie Version Used :4.1
    Built From: (Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website)
    USB Devices connected: Keyboard
    Controller used: Xbox360

    Hi all,
    Just a question, I have made an ISO image of my working Retropie setup, with all controller working etc.. Now I would like to make a change to that ISO. Do I need to write the ISO to a microsd, edit the config on the pi then remake a new ISO? Or is there a quicker way i.e. mounting the image on Windows platform?
    Thanks for reading

  • @877 Which config are you wanting to edit?

    Windows is only going to read the boot partition unless you have installed 3rd party Linux File System drivers.

    EDIT: Windows 10 will mount ISOsvia the Right Click context menu

  • Hi @mrbwa1 , as per this page:
    I have changed the boot/config.txt to force hdmi on the actual Pi via shsh, it got me thinking everfytime I need to do something like that I have to remake the ISO backup. So I thought about making the change to the ISO itself..

    Windows 10 will not mount, it says corrupt image..

  • @877 Since it is the boot config you can probably edit it. I haven't doen this with a RPi Image, but I have with disc ISOs:

    • Open the ISO as an archive in something like 7-zip
      -Navigate to the correct folder and edit the boot config.txt file

    I would strongly recommend making a copy of the ISO first and editing that copy. As stated before, Windows doesn't see the other partitions so I can't guarantee it will work. I can only offer that I have been able to alter disc ISOs using this method.

  • @mrbwa1 OK I'll give it a try thanks :)

  • @877
    You might also try PeaZip. It's built around 7-zip with better GUI and more compression formats supported.

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