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Raspi: How to configure retropie SD Card Size again? (After cloning sd card)

  • Well, i started to use retropie some time ago. i installed it on a 8gb class 10 sd card and then installed all the driver, optional and some of the experimental packages . Also i installed the pixel desktop enviroment.

    It is amazing how all that stuff could fix on a 8gb sd card. (but it was almost full)

    My problem is this:

    I bought a new 32gb sd card
    Because i didnt want to wait a lot of time again to configure and download all the packages i used Win32DiskImager with its read option to copy my retropie sd card and then i wrote it to the new 32gb sd

    And it worked, but if i quit emulationstation in my retropie terminal screen it keeps saying that im on a 8gb sd card and that there are just a few hundred mb free.

    I would like to know if there is anything i can do to get my real capacity to show up, maybe manually changing a config file.
    But if there isnt a way, would it affect if i try to install the rest of retropie packages? (i mean, when the 8gb get completely used)
    And also is there something else related to my old 8gb sd card that is not changed?

    Maybe what i want to do is not possible and the best is to reinstall all again.

    I know retropie was not designed to be copied instead of installed from one sd card to another, but i t would be a cool update if developers added support for doing this, i dont know how it is programmed but maybe adding a autocheck option at boot to check the sd card capacity and size. Or even creating their own cloning tool for backup purposes.

    If there is something wrong with my post please let me know, it is my first one here in the forum.

    Dont know if this is relevant for my problem but here it is:

    -Running on a raspberry pi 3
    -I used the "retropie only" install image for raspberry pi from the retropie website (then i cloned it)

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    @ALG go into raspi-config and expand the filesystem

  • @herb_fargus It was so easy...
    I never tought about that, thanks.
    Last question: Is there anymore that i need to do?

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    @ALG SD cards can be cloned / backed-up using Win32 Diskimager or etcher. It's just doing a read to your computer rather than a write to the SD. This can be saved for backup purposes. I try to do this once a month or before a big change or update. A disk can also be cloned on Raspian, desktop or CLI using a program called gparted. Raspian desktop also has a disk cloning utility. However, it is best not to try to clone a card currently in use as it could cause file corruption.

  • @columboscoat is what i did, read and save, extract and then write on another sd card.
    My problem was on the filesystem, im new on linux so i didnt thought about that, herb_fargus helped me out, thanks anyway

    Is there a way to mark this as a solved question or something like that?

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    @ALG I saw that. You were also asking about cloning cards. So I explained how that could be done. I think you can mark it a solved. Not sure how though, unfortunately.

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    @ALG it has to be marked as a question and then can be marked as solved.

    Also note that if you make a backup of your new image it will be 32 GB even if it's not full.

  • @herb_fargus thanks,

  • I tried to do the same actions, and then I tried to fix it by this tutorial but it didn't help me anyway. what else could you suggest? thanks

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