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N64 Emulator choppy/slow/locks

  • I have read every thread about the N64 emulator. I updated the emulator like other thread say from source. Download the latest retropie but when trying to play any game the audio is choppy or cuts out but the worst is I want to play Super Smash Bros but it stops and stutters and sometimes just hangs for a long period.

    I am Running a PI 3 B and The latest pi 4.1. I was told overclocking is not an option. So anyone have any ideas so I can play N64 would be appreciated.


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    @videofx please provide more info like psu/emulator etc. See link at top of page

  • @BuZz Sure,

    PSU: 5v 2.5amp
    Emulator: Mupen64plus-GlideN64
    Pi: 3 B
    Retropie ver. 4.1

    updated emulator from source

    USB Devices connected: Keyboard
    Controller used: Wii U Pro Controller Bluetooth

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