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Add these gameboy shaders?

  • @yardley said in Add these gameboy shaders?:

    @darknior Thanks! Can you post your gb core cfg as well? (for the aspect ratio x/y etc.) Reason I am asking is because if I use the settings provided by the core (I think that is what I am using), it cuts off a bit of the viewport all around and it doesn't seem to be pixel perfect.

    CORE is always bad. Go to VIDEO settings and use 1:1 PAR (square) that work always fine, and auto fit screen in 720 and 1080p.
    I don't remember for GameBoy, for some systems, a little, you must put scale integer to false.

    • video_scale_integer = "true"
    • aspect_ratio_index = "20"

  • @darknior said in Add these gameboy shaders?:

    video_scale_integer = "true"

    video_scale_integer = "true" Fixed the cutting off issue, it now fits inside the viewport properly, it's just not lining up the pixels properly. I set the aspect ratio to 1:1 PAR (10:9 DAR), the other option I have is just 1:1, I don't see 1:1 PAR (square). I'm not sure where to set auto fit screen, but see pic of my settings below, maybe you can spot the problem. I'll also post a pic of what it looks like for me currently, just slightly off.

    1_1510537857489_Donkey Kong (World) (Rev A)-171112-193824.png 0_1510537857489_IMG_2529.JPG

  • @yardley Yes i see it last day sorry. I make it on a 1080p and it works fine.
    And on the 720p TV i have also this little 1 or 2 horizontal pixel issue. I have never vertical issue, only when there is vertical lines, i will make one for 720p too. And share it here ;)

  • @darknior I'm using it on 1080p also. Something in my settings must be wrong.

  • @yardley said in Add these gameboy shaders?:

    @darknior I'm using it on 1080p also. Something in my settings must be wrong.

    No i don't think, i will change my border.

  • @edmaul69 . Hi, I'm trying to get the overlay you created (my modifying it) working on my Gameboy Zero 320x240 screen, but don't seem to be able to do it. I've come to the conclusion that because Gameboy is 160x144 and my screen is 320x240, there isn't much I can do. What would you recommend for my screen size in producing the most authentic gameboy experience?

  • Hi there,

    this it, what i did, to let it look like a Classic Game Boy (Model: DMG-01) on a 1920x1080 screen:
    This works without any shaders! So it performs very well on my Raspberry Pi.

    Here's my overlay graphic including a half-transparent grid:
    filed under "/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay/gb-case-grid.png"
    (The design was inspired by the Super Game Boy theme on SNES.)

    I created a file called "/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay/gb-case.cfg":

    overlays = 1
    overlay0_overlay = "gb-case-grid.png"
    overlay0_full_screen = true
    overlay0_descs = 0

    ...and added these lines to "/opt/retropie/configs/gb/retroarch.cfg":

    video_smooth = "false"
    aspect_ratio_index = "23"
    custom_viewport_width = "960"
    custom_viewport_height = "864"
    custom_viewport_x = "480"
    custom_viewport_y = "108"
    input_overlay_enable = "true"
    input_overlay = "/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay/gb-case.cfg"
    input_overlay_opacity = "1.000000"
    input_overlay_scale = "1.000000"

    I also changed the default color palette in "/home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS/palettes/default.pal":


    ...cause it seems, that the lr-gambatte version in RetroPie 4.4 is a bit to old to use internal palettes like "GB - DMG", what was added to on Oct 16, 2018.

    So that's the result:

  • this looks awesome. This has always been my bug bear with gameboy emulation, there was no authentic dot matrix display. Until now it has always just looks like 2 colours on a low res colour screen, but now it genuinely looks like an original dot matrix display.

  • Thank you very much!

    So here is another version in a Game Boy Pocket style:

    For this you'll need a different pallette:


    ...and then it looks like this:

  • @DieKatz Awesome even I do like the DMG-01 shader lots more. Thanks for your work!

  • i used this setup as well and its really awesome. im having a small issue with mine. im missing the edges that its cutting a small amount of the video screen (not the shader) on each side.

  • Wow, that Dot Matrix filter in the OP looks about as good as the one used by M2 on the Castlevania Anniversary Collection!

  • I wonder if the OP shaders will work nowadays on the Pi 4 with a little tweaking. I suppose there's enough horsepower now.

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