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[SOLVED] Full power fan on N64

  • Hey everyone.
    I hope someone can help me in this matter.
    I have a fan connected to my raspberry pi 3 to the GPIO pin 18 and control the output power according to the temperature of the CPU via a script and everything works perfectly.
    The problem comes when I start the N64 emulator, the fan goes full power and does not decrease until I restart the raspberry.

    Anyone know which file is the one that executes the order to put GPIO pin 18 to 1024 pwm ???

  • Well, I've solved it myself.
    I put it here in case someone serves.

    What it does when starting the emulator N64 is to restart the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi and the pins that are configured as output PWM are put to full power.

    What I have done to solve it is to insert the following command:

    Gpio -g mode 18 pwm

    I put it inside the infinite loop that checks the temperature.

    I hope that it would be useful to someone.

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