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scrolling not quite right....mame

  • hi there,
    tried a couple of sideways scrollers.....pac land and wonderboy.
    both have what looks like tearing.
    have tried changing various settings in retroarch....but it just wont go away.
    have tried it on 2 other tv's and its the same on those....
    only interested in mame at the mo so only tested on that.

    standard install....just updated everything.
    raspberry pi2
    hdmi cable to dvi adaptor....on a 32" monitor.
    xin-mo controller.
    sanwa sticks and buttons.

    any help would be great :)

  • 2 questions:
    What resolution are you running at and what emulator are you using?

    You can see those settings in the launch command by pressing a button during game load when the square box pops up.

    I find using lr-mame2003 gives the best video performance and setting the resolution to OUTPUT (which makes it match the pi's output) is best.

  • thanks for the reply....
    emulator is advmame-0.94.0
    video mode is 1280x768 @ 60hz 15:9 79mhz progressive

    when the pacland is the menu it says its playing at 288x224s ??

  • @tonytone I'm not sure how that one works, I only use the libretto emulators, but it sounds like since your not using the native resolution of the tv or an integer scaling, that's probably what's causing your screen tearing. See if it's possible to set the output res from the 1280x768 to either 780p (which is close to what your at already) or 1080p. That might help. The other resolution is the native res of the game, best to leave that alone.

  • no were dead right.
    I've switched to nachos ready made 128gb image and it uses different emulators for different games....
    my 2 faves wonderboy and pac land use ir-mame2003 and the video has no tearing at all.
    just need to swap the button setup and I'm all set....have tried every key on the keyboard and it doesnt seem to have a button to bring the menu up for swapping buttons around like advmame.
    thanks for the help...really appreciate it.

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