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A proper gamelist selection?

  • Hi people! I'm new in the forum, actually this is my first post.
    As soon as I've heard of RetroPie I went and bought a RB3.
    I've had no trouble installing retropie but I've had a hard time finding a proper roms list. A fine selection of games across several platforms such as NES, SNES, GB-GBC-GBA, MAME(2003), NEOGEO, MEGADRIVE, N64 and PSX.
    The romsets available in certains webpages are not useful since most of the roms contains several versions including hacks and languages I'm not interested in.
    After a while of doing some bash-scripting and using regular expressions I've managed to filter some of the roms, but I'm looking for something different. I see no point in having 10 NBA games per platform for example.
    Has anyone had the same trouble as me? Would you share your 'bests' games list?
    My focus is on multiplayer games (of any kind) and adventure, platform, rpg for singleplayer games.


  • 'bests' games list?
    Devil's Crush or Alien Crush for the TurboGrafx 16, Sonic Spin all for the Genesis, or now with Drastic Metroid Prime Pinball for the Nintendo DS.

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