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Can't put ROMs in subdirectory anymore? LOOOONG Folder names problematic?

  • I'm been putting my favorite games into the root NES, SNES, or Genesis (Mega Drive) folder for a while now, then put complete romsets into a subfolder inside those folders.

    Lately I made the folder names (with ALL the games) something like "- - - - - -THIS FOLDER HAS ALL THE NINTENDO GAMES AVAILABLE - - - - - - - ". I made it super long so it automatically scrolls (which draws attention to it so people notice it) and used dashes so it goes to the top of the menu automatically.

    Now, when I click inside that folder (with the super long folder name) it won't launch any of those games. If I rename the folder something shorter (so it doesn't scroll), reboot, everything works perfectly again.

    Is there a limit on how long folder names can be? Some ROM names are long as hell and don't seem to give any problems launching those...

    ...just wondering as I probably have to visit like 5 different cousins whose systems I updated (and thus made this change to) which most likely bricked their systems (for the games inside those folders at least).

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    @Dochartaigh Max file name length in Linux is 255 characters.

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    might be an issue because it starts with a - try another character like +.

  • Definitely not over 255 characters - and the folder name is currently "-CLICK-HERE-FOR-EVERY-GENESIS-GAME-" (with dashes in the beginning and the end) and it works fine. I wonder what caused it (and on 3 different folders, on 2 separate Pi setups I wasn't able to play any games inside those folders).

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