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Help with Simple Scrape Removal?

  • I am new to retropie. I have read several forums to try and remove my scrape data.
    these instructions seem to be what I need but I don't know how or where to apply.

    select the relevant console from the list and just delete the games you require from the gamelist.xml file then rescrape.

    How do I do this?
    Would I take my micro card out of retro pie and plug it into my computer to locate the xml file?
    or is this something I do in the pi?
    If this is code in pi then I am lost. [link text]([link url](link url))does anyone have step by step instructions?

  • administrators

    @KANE81 it would do you well to learn the terminal, very useful skill.

    You can access the terminal over SSH:

    You can also access your files under sftp with something like winscp or filezilla.

    Or over samba shares from Windows on your network if your pi is connected

  • @herb_fargus I really appreciate the advice. I am even more lost now ha! but I would like to learn how to navigate the terminal more I just don't have any friends that could walk me through it. I will check out your link. thanks!

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