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Generic overlay for Atari 2600 (1080p)

  • As multiple people asked for it... this is my first real attempt for a generic retroarch overlay for a Console: Atari 2600.


    0_1488662509467_space inv.jpg

    By "generic" I mean a universal overlay that is applied to all games for that console; unless a specific overlay exists for a specific game (in that case game overlay cfgs "override" the generic one).

    Installation is slightly different from the usual lr-mame2003 setup.

    • System configuration file needs to be modified:
      /opt/retropie/configs/SYSTEMNAME/retroarch.cfg (in this case systemname=atari2600)

    • "Generic" cfg, specifying the overlay image, needs to be placed in your overlay folder together with the image itself

    All files (including modified retroarch.cfg for atari2600) available here.

    While I was testing the overlay I found out that some games leave a "black bar" on the left inside the actual game area.
    Not 100% sure but the issue seems related to Activision games while Atari published games seem ok.


    Any information or suggestion about this problem ?

  • @meleu This is for you: SEAQUEST overlay.


    Images from the original game manual.
    Files are included in the same Zip file of the link in previous post.

    Unfortunately game is affected by the same black bar issue mentioned above.
    On the other hand, this being a game specific overlay, I can just enlarge the left part of the image to overlap that black bar.
    Problem is trial and error is required to find out the exact pixel width. Will try tomorrow.

    I'm also working on a version with the game box art ( making my own vector version ;-) )...

  • @UDb23 Wow! Huge thanks man!

  • Thank you @UDb23 ! This is a great addition to RetroPie (RetroArch)!
    Will @meleu be adding the finished version to his Overlay Install Script?

  • @backstander said in Generic overlay for Atari 2600 (1080p):

    Will @meleu be adding the finished version to his Overlay Install Script?

    Yes. I'll adapt my script. :)

  • @meleu said in Generic overlay for Atari 2600 (1080p):

    Wow! Huge thanks man!

    Fixed and finalized the Seaquest overlay so that viewport matches Activision's games screen size.


    Generic Overlay also finalized:

    Both now available in the Overlay Repo.

  • @UDb23 could you make an optional overlay for the generic atari2600 with an black background on the left border?

    Just a personal taste... :-)

  • @meleu i agree. And here is why. As the problem of having a black overscan on the left side of activision games and several others, the black left side on the generic overlay would hide this.

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