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freezes / hangs on alt tab or when window loses focus on Ubuntu 16.04

  • Hi there,

    I recently installed retropie 4.1.21 on top of Ubuntu 16.04 on two asus laptops. I mostly play snes and nes games for now but unfortunately I always get freezes and hangs whenever the window loses focus (alt tab or something grabbed the focus). Both the emulator game as well as the emulationstation hangs.

    (The n64 emulator seems to survive the alt tab in my limited testing.)

    Both laptops have nvidia graphics, i7 (3rd gen u and 4th gen hq), both on ssd. Kernels both on 4.4.0-66+

    Laptop 1 is newly installed unity with default nvidia drivers.

    Laptop 2 has proprietary nvidia drivers. Freezes experienced on gnome classic compiz or metacity.

    I will try with kernel 4.10 on laptop 1 if it solves it. Also try the latest retropie.

    Any other ideas I can look at? Thanks!

  • Latest retropie (4.2) did not solve the problem. Also tried to update to 4.10.5 kernel issue still there and it also messes up the usb ps3 controller.

  • My experience so far
    Ubuntu 16.04 both gnome-session-flashback and unity - start retropie- on emulationstation alt tab then go back. emulationstation is frozen / hang.
    Debian 8 gnome - start retropie it goes to input configuration for a few seconds but crashes after a few seconds
    Ubuntu 17.04 gnome RC2 - it seems there is no issue there. But no kodi packages yet for perhiperal joystick etc.

  • kodi-peripheral-joystick

    already in unstable ppa for zesty 17.04

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