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RetroArch - the option "Load Configuration" is not working

  • Hi,

    (Note that I use Recalbox on my Raspberry Pi 2 but my question is precisely on RetroArch so I'll ask it to your community !)

    I have a problem with the "Load Configuration" option under RetroArch (accessible near the "Save Current Config" and the "Save New Config"). When I use the "Load Configuration" button and I choose a file like retrocarchcustom_MAME.cfg that I customise and is working fine, RetroArch reload but the screen now show 1.3.4 - No Core instead of 1.3.4 - MAME 2003 0.78 and I cannot start the game at this point (please note that I have no Core under "Load Core" but all of my games are running fine)

    What is my problem or my misconception ? To summarize, I want to switch between two series of buttons over the same Core and I want to be able to swap between the two configuration. Is this function the one I need to use to do it ? I need to add Core or change the settings in RetroArch so the reload would work ? This function is not used for that ? What is the purpose of the "Load Configuration" then ?

    Thanks !




    (Notez que j'utilise Recalbox sur mon Raspberry Pi 2 mais ma question est précisément sur RetroArch alors je me réfère à votre communauté !)

    J'ai un souci avec l'option "Load Configuration" sous RetroArch (accessible à côté de "Save Current Config" et "Save New Config"). Lorsque je fais "Load Configuration" et que je choisi un autre fichier retroarchcustom_Personnalise.cfg que j'ai paramétré et qui fonctionne bien, RetroArch se 'reload' mais l'écran principale passe de l'information 1.3.4 - MAME 2003 0.78 à 1.3.4 - No Core (note : je n'ai pas de Core sous "Load Core" mais tous les jeux fonctionnent sans problème)

    Quel est mon erreur ou mon problème de compréhension ? En résumé je désire deux séries de boutons différents sous le même Core et de pouvoir basculer facilement d'un à l'autre en passant par l'option "Load Configuration". Cette fonction sert bien à ceci ? J'ai des Cores à installer suite à l'erreur "No Core" ou autre chose à paramétrer dans RetroArch pour que le 'reload' se fasse correctement ? Ce n'est pas fait pour cela ? À quoi sert la fonction "Load Configuration" alors ?!?

    Merci !


  • Hmmm... writing in french language in an english forum ...might be worth a shot.

    But help will be received faster if you start writing in english language....

    Ansonsten könnte ich ja auch einfach in Deutsch schreiben....

    regards (à bientôt),


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    @patriccote Pas de problème.

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    If I understand correctly you want to have 2 separate button configurations for a core and load each one depending on what game is running? That should work using the Load Configurationsetting if you have implemented and saved it properly.
    An alternative method is to map the button configuration for each game as you use it. This can be done via the Quick Menu option. Configure the controls as you want them for that game then choose Save Game Overrides. Then each time you launch that game RetroArch will load your custom controller configuration.

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    Older versions of RetroArch had problems with some configuration saving/loading options. 1.3.4 is very old, and may well have bugs. Can't advise as RetroPie uses v1.5.0 and is configured differently - please use the recalbox forum as you have already been linked.

  • @AlexMurphy

    I'm happy to hear that it should work but as I said : RetroArch reload but the screen now show 1.3.4 - No Core instead of 1.3.4 - MAME 2003 0.78 and I cannot start the game at this point (please note that I have no Core under "Load Core" but all of my games are running fine)

    Is the 1.3.4 - No Core error message rings a bell to anybody ? Maybe something I need to configure so the reload will work like adding Core, playing with the ON/ OFF feature for certain parameters ?

    @dankcushions and @BuZz , already post this message on the Recalbox Forum but did not receive any answer about the "Load Configuration" function =(

    Since it might be a bug in 1.3.4, I will stop harassing you =)

    Thanks for everything !


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