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PSX and PPSSPP problems on retropie 4.2 ( using raspberry pi 3 B )

  • Hello Everyone,

    Warning I am a noob to this so I could be something OH so simple that I just do not know what to look for, but!

    I am having troubles with some games on on the PSX and PPSSPP emulators on my retropie.

    On PSX I try play a game called Klonoa, I can go through the menus and make a save game and tell the game how I want thing set up but as soon as the actual game goes to start it boots me back to game select screen. I do see a little warning as the rom boots that it does not have a corresponding bios but I am not to sure how to go about setting that up.
    ( but it works fine on WipeOut 3 and Tekken 3 )

    And on PPSSPP games seem to be playing at half speed most of the time as I tried to play Wipeout pure, it seems fine in the menus but drops to half the frame rate as soon as the game gets going. any idea on how to smooth this out in any of the setting?

    Sorry for the long word diarrhoea on your screens but I really want to get this going as this little system is the coolest thing I have come across in ages!

    Regards Brokencreation

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