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Streets of Rage Remake on 4.2

  • Hi. I'd like to try and install Streets of Rage Remake for retropie version 4.2 on a pi3b and I'm looking for some advice/tutorial.

    alt text

    I found Floob's tutorial here:

    The tutorial was made for retropie 3.6. In the comments there are quite a bunch of people not being able to run the game in version 4.1 and 4.2. I haven't tried following the tutorial yet, but I'd rather wait if I'm just gonna mess things up by following an tutorial that might not work anymore!

    Could anyone confirm the remake is actually working for them on version 4.2 using this tutorial? Or maybe someone could point me to an updated guide?


    *Pi Model or other hardware: 3b
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.2
    Built From: update with setupscript
    Guide used: Floobs 3.6 tutorial on youtube

  • What version are you showing with all those other characters? The SORR version I have only has the main characters - I can't find a version number in the files but "SorR.dat" is 253,705,339 bytes. I'm pretty sure it's the original SORR. Maybe that's your problem?

  • @Dochartaigh Its v5.0 or 5.1 in the image. You probably have this version too, its from 2013(?) I believe. You can unlock new characters by finishing the game and doing certain things.

    Are you running SORR on retropie 4.2 without errors? And did you follow Floobs tutorial to install it?

  • I was on 4.1.19 and it was working fine....updated everything to 4.2.1 and it's now bricked (won't launch, screen goes black then back to the menu).

  • @Dochartaigh

    You may want to double check all the sorr game data (.dat file, mod and palette folders etc) are still present in opt/retropie/ports/sorr. I've found that updating the emulator via source has been wiping my game data and I've had to recopy it back to the pi.

    Hope that helps.

  • @goodpi31 said in Streets of Rage Remake on 4.2:

    Could anyone confirm the remake is actually working for them on version 4.2 using this tutorial? Or maybe someone could point me to an updated guide?

    I just did it and it seems to be working fine for me. There are a few annoying niggles: I can't change the graphics mode to anything other than "normal full screen" or it just boots me back to ES.

    Also, I have 2 controllers and a keyboard plugged in. Controller 1 is an 8bitdo NES30 plugged in with a usb cable (I haven't set up the bluetooth yet) and controller 2 is a knockoff usb Saturn controller with the 6 face buttons. When I try to set up the controls to gamepad it won't accept any button changes from the NES30, but I can do it all with the Saturn. I actually don't need to make any changes with the saturn as it's already set up perfectly. It's just annoying that it defaults to controller 2 and won't work with controller 1. I'll do some more testing with other controllers when I get the chance.

  • @mattrixk

    dont know if this will help you or not, but i had to use a custom mapping to get controller 1 to work with my 8bitdo(bluetooth)

  • Thanks @ExarKunIv I'll look into that. I have a couple of ps3 controllers I'll probably set up as the main controllers (that knockoff saturn controller is barely worth what I paid for it, I just wanted a 6-button for megadrive stuff). The NES30 is a nice novelty, and it might be good for my little one, but it's just too small to be comfortable for me.

  • @mattrixk Thank you for confirming!

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