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Announcing Pegasus Frontend

  • @asahendrix AAB658A6-A1DD-4D74-BEA1-9C50AB478C45.jpeg

    Mostly the formatting on the left is a good example of how I’d like the consoles menu to look

  • Hi,

    Probably not the right place to post this, but I can find no other discussion for Pegasus online - so here goes. This is not a RetroPie based question about the FE.

    On MacOS (Mojave) no video plays - I am guessing there is some config I am not doing, but have no idea where to start to resolve the dependency.

    On Windows 10 initial startup crashes out after about a minute - gets to 82 games (my installed steam games amount) - then pops back to desktop, I can see no error in the log, but suspect I am not looking for the right thing...

    If there is a better place for me to ask these questions please let me know.


  • I have a launchbox importing program mostly working (metadata + assets). I will post the source code on github when it's in a state that's easily usable by other people. Also, for people that want to get 64-bit retroarch working in pegasus:

    launch: am start
     --user 0
     -n com.retroarch.aarch64/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture
     -e ROM "{file.path}"
     -e LIBRETRO /data/data/com.retroarch.aarch64/cores/
     -e CONFIGFILE /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.retroarch.aarch64/files/retroarch.cfg
     -e IME
     -e DATADIR /data/data/com.retroarch.aarch64
     -e APK /data/app/com.retroarch.aarch64-Lw-HOvybuHeHxQbE451e4g==/base.apk
     -e SDCARD /storage/emulated/0
     -e DOWNLOADS /storage/emulated/0/Download
     -e SCREENSHOTS /storage/emulated/0/Pictures
     -e EXTERNAL /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.retroarch.aarch64/files

  • @asahendrix Looks nice! Yeah, it's perfectly doable, and probably wouldn't be that difficult -- I know, I should really update the documentation :) I can't promise I'll be able to work on this (I keep making way too many promises); in case you're interested in the code, there's still the QML documentation collection, which unfortunately while not outdated, isn't particularly a fun read either. Hope I'll have some time soon...

    @jetbootjack perhaps @PlayingKarrde could comment on the Mac issue? I'm afraid I can only do a limit amount of testing there :(

    As for Windows, certain GOG games seem to cause a crash at the moment. This issue keeps popping up so I think I'll make GOG support off by default for now. Could you tell whether you have any of these games installed?

  • Also as you've noticed there haven't been too many updates lately; I'm a bit low on development time at the moment, maybe for the next 1-2 weeks too, but after that I should have more time.

  • @fluffypillow said in Announcing Pegasus Frontend:

    @jetbootjack perhaps @PlayingKarrde could comment on the Mac issue? I'm afraid I can only do a limit amount of testing there :(

    Hmmm video works fine for me on MacOS (also Mojave) but I can't remember if I did anything special to get it working (it was so long ago). It's possible that I used Perian but I can't say for sure. Maybe try installing that and see if you have any success.

  • @fluffypillow thank you so much for the reply! I’m going to go through the documentation and this qml ebook. Say, the referenced ebook chapters in the documentation don’t have a working link. Is this the ebook I need to study?

    Thank you again!!!

  • I made a Plugin for Launchbox to help exporting to pegasus:

    This is a preview release. Right now it exports all games, no filters.

    to see where to put the files check the readme:

    for assets it only exports:

    I will add the other types later

  • @asahendrix ah yes that's the one. Seem like the page urls changed recently.

  • @fluffypillow excellent thank you! I’ll start rolling my sleeves up - even though I should be studying for the A+ :/ lol

  • @PlayingKarrde - unfortunately that does not work (I don't think Perian is Mojave compatible) ...

    With or without Perian when I select a game in the grid view or open one and select preview I get a brief flash of a static image before the video window turns black.


  • @fluffypillow - no I don't have any of those GOG games installed, but I do have Space Quest 1 installed via GOG :-)

    No GOG Games and it works fine!


  • I have been accompanying development for some time, and this seems the best fronted in the area of ​​customization and optimization. But the only thing left for me to use once and for all is a library of community themes. When will we have this?

  • @jetbootjack said in Announcing Pegasus Frontend:

    With or without Perian when I select a game in the grid view or open one and select preview I get a brief flash of a static image before the video window turns black.

    It is most likely related to the codec of the video files (which is likely why Perian was suggested).

    I've personally experienced a variety of video playback issues on MacOS that do not manifest on Linux (x64/RPi) or Windows (w/ k-lite installed). I haven't bothered to dig any further in to the format issue as I'm time poor (like everyone else) and MacOS is not my target platform.

  • @NeonNegro as soon as I can put more time into writing a proper set of tutorials :)

  • I've just made a Pi 4 optimized experimental release, available here (under assets). Not tested yet of course :)

  • @fluffypillow Is it beneficial to get the 2GB version for Pegasus to improve box art loading?

  • @Darksavior in theory it should be faster, yes, especially if they were stored on external drives before. I can't say for 100% sure how much improvement it brings though, but does looks promising.

  • @fluffypillow Thanks. Yea, going to get a pi4 when it's available again and upgrading my usb 2.0 stick to 3.0. I load my games from there.

  • Weekly update! Or rather, I just had some free time today, so I've finished the LaunchBox support I've started last time. It should mostly work: finds games, launches games, shows assets. However it's highly untested and off by default, but feel free to try it!

    Known issues:

    • Pegasus looks for LaunchBox under C:\Users\<username>\LaunchBox. Yes, I know it's very likely to have it installed somewhere else, but because LB is portable it's not possible to know its location (and as far as I know it doesn't write its path to the registry either). Ideally there would be a settings panel for changing this in Pegasus in the future. If you have experience with symlinks/junctions on Windows, you can use them as a workaround.
    • Sometimes images have a different extensions that what they really are (eg. a PNG file is called JPG). Due to a bug in one of the components, these images fail to load. This should be fixed eventually.
    • The code is not fully optimized for speed yet, in theory there might be some slowness when loading large datasets.

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