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Help saving Unibios settings on PIFBA (rpi0)

  • Hi,

    So I'm setting up a machine for a friend and want to have the Neo-Geo home console games on it. It's an rpi0 (W) so I went with piFBA. I'm on retropie 4.2 downloaded from the side and the most recent roms (2.97.39) have been ran through clrmamepro with the piFBA DAT and (aside from mslug3 that is refusing to play) all the games run fine. I got the unibios running and with some extra work got it loading up the options when I hit XBA and XBY on the BIOS screen. I can switch to console mode. However as soon as I exit and reload the ROM it loads back in arcade mode. Is there any way to make it stick? I know this is OLD software but I thought maybe people had it figured out but the information has been lost on the old forums and to time etc and no one rewrote any guide because who still uses pifba? :D

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    @Shootersf PiFBA uses the ROM set, not the one you have.

  • I know and I fixed the set with clrmamepro. I also just finally figured out I needed the mslug3n clone to run that game. That's not my issue though. I'm trying to make the console version stick. Thanks for keeping me on my toes though (and the quick reply) :D

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    @Shootersf Have you tried another BIOS? Perhaps the one from the correct ROM set?

  • The Bios is fine as the games are running perfectly. The issue is I am going into the unibios settings and changing from Arcade mode to console. The game switches to console perfectly but there doens't seem to be a way to KEEP it in console mode. I.E as soon as I restart the rom in piFba I go back to playing the arcade version. It is definitely not life or death if it is beyond piFBA to save my choice but I just wanted to see if anyone else had better luck or if there is something I can put in the config file etc....

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    @Shootersf I have only tried PiFBA briefly. I use lr-fbalpha as I use a Pi3. Does PiFBA have a config file that can be edited and saved? It may well stick if you go that route.

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