Power Switch for your Arcade Machine? The PowerBlock got an Upgrade

IMG_2907Do you need a power switch for your arcade project? The PowerBlock is a power switch solution for the Raspberry Pi that lets you safely switch on and off your machine such that you do not have to worry about data loss or corrupt file systems. And the PowerBlock recently got an upgrade.

The PowerBlock can be connected to arbitrary toggle buttons and also offers an LED status output, which gives you maximum flexibility for your gaming machine. The recent hardware revision 1.1 adds hardware support for mounting it to the Raspberry Pi Zero. This makes the PowerBlock compatible to the Raspberry Pi models A, B, and Zero.

Revision 1.1 also brings another enhancement: If you do not want or cannot mount the PowerBlock directly to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi, revision 1.1 offers pin outs for all needed signals so that you can use an arbitrary wiring for the connection between the Raspberry and the PowerBlock.

You can find more details about the PowerBlock here. There is also a RetroPie support forum, which you can find here.

Good luck with your project!

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