Legal help needed

RetroPie has been trademarked in the USA by a 3rd party. They are using the trademark to issue take down requests to retailers, including those who are just selling hardware listed as “compatible with RetroPie”. Meanwhile they are selling RetroPie via their website and Ebay.

There is a risk that this person may try and use the trademark against us too.

We would like to challenge the trademark – It was filed after we were using the name, and they are using it to associate themselves with our software.

If you are an attorney or think you could help – please drop us an email at retropieproject [at]

Many thanks.


New Functions for the ControlBlock

The driver of the ControlBlock got updated! What does this mean for you? More functionalities!

The ControlBlock just got updatedNew Functionalities

  • 4-player support: Stack two ControlBlocks on top of each other for 4-player installation.
  • Genesis/Megadrive controller support: Use Genesis/Megadrive (TM) controller with the ControlBlock for really nostalgic Sega gaming sessions.
  • Custom shutdown script: Call arbitrary Bash scripts on shutdown
  • Reset button for SNES gamepad mode: Building your arcade machine within an old SNES case? Connect the reset button and use it as another input signal.

Besides these driver updates there are now also driver modules for the ControlBlock and the PowerBlock as well in The RetroPie Setup. Therefore, it has become even easier for you to install the drivers for your RetroPie project. You find the drivers in the RetroPie-Setup menu at “Manage packages” ⇒ “Manage driver packages”. From there, you can easily install or remove the drivers.

Further Details

You can find further details about the new features of the ControlBlock here.

RetroPie 4.1 is released

RetroPie 4.1 images are now available for download.RetroPie_Logo

Since 4.0.2 there have been various emulator updates including new versions of lr-mame2003 and lr-fbalpha (formerly lr-fba-next) as well as updates to other libretro cores. Some standalone emulators have also been updated such as PPSSPP (PSP), Vice (C64 et al), Fuse and Zesarux (ZX Spectrum).

A port of Darkplaces Quake has been added which has hardware 3D (opengles) support on the Raspberry Pi.

Some new packages have been added to the experimental section for x86/x64 users, including lr-bsnes (SNES emulator), fs-uae (Amiga emulator), and pcsx2 (PS2).

Additional drivers have been added with support for the Steam controller, and mk_arcade_joystick_rpi which can be found in the drivers section.

We have also included some new Emulation Station themes for installing via RetroPie-Setup.

Some of the libretro emulators have been renamed to match their upstream names.  For further information and to see what else has changed since the 4.0.2 image, please see the change log below.

You can download a 4.1 image from: For first installs please follow the Installation Instructions. If updating from 4.0.x you should make a backup first then choose Update all installed packages from RetroPie-Setup main menu. Anyone upgrading from 3.x will need to update the RetroPie-Setup script first. See the upgrade instructions on the Wiki for more details.

You can also install RetroPie on top of an existing Raspbian set up, or on top of Ubuntu on a PC/Odroid-C1. Links to the relevant instructions can be found on the Download area.

If you want to support the project donations are always appreciated and can be made on our Donation Page. If 1 in 5 people who downloaded RetroPie donated £1 it would be enough to have someone working on the project full time! 🙂

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, and to all those who donated to the project.

Changes since 4.0.2:

  • Updated RetroArch and many libretro cores to the latest versions.
  • Some libretro packages have been renamed to match the upstream core names:
    • lr-fba to lr-fbalpha2012
    • lr-fba-next to lr-fbalpha
    • lr-pocketsnes to lr-snes9x2002
    • lr-catsfc to lr-snes9x2005
    • lr-snes9x-next to lr-snes9x2010
  • Updated Vice (C64 emulator) to the latest version.
  • Fixed PPSSPP building on the RPI and updated it to the latest version.
  • lr-fba-next updated to fbalpha v0.2.97.39 including fixes for Irem hardware on arm (rtype / rtype 2 etc)
  • WiFi configuration – added ability to import Wifi ssid/psk from /boot/wifikeyfile.txt for set-up without a keyboard.
  • Updated Fuse (Spectrum emulator) to v1.3.0
  • Updated Zesarux (Spectrum / CPC emulator) to the latest version.
  • Include lr-glupen64 by default on image (moved from optional to main).
  • Added darkplaces-quake to optional packages. When installing/update the Quake emulators, launch scripts for any installed mission packs will be created.
  • Build ResidualVM with SDL2 + opengles support.
  • Added steam controller driver from
  • Added mk_arcade_joystick_rpi driver from
  • Fixed build issues on uae4arm, and kickstart removal on upgrade of uae4arm/uae4all.
  • Screensaver / Screen dimming in Emulation Station no longer stops the built in scraper.
  • Compatibility with upstream plymouth changes. Image is based on the latest upstream Raspbian Lite from 2016-09-23 with all updates.
  • New themes added to the theme installer – including pixel-meta, pixel-tft, luminous, minilumi from Rookervik and io and spare themes from Mattrixk
  • New packages added to experimental section
    • Added emulators lr-beetle-pcfx (PCFX emulator)
    • Added retropie-manager web interface (based on recalbox-manager).
    • Added pcsx2 emulator (Playstation 2 emulator – x86 / x86_64 only).
    • Added openpht  (x86 / x86_64 only).
    • Added fs-uae (Amiga emulator – x86 / x86_64 only).
    • Added lr-bsnes (Super Nintendo emulator – x86/x86_64 only)
    • Added lr-hatari (Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator)
  • Added some RetroPie-Setup function documentation to aid those contributing code –
  • Various other improvements / bugfixes

The MagPi 50th issue released

the_magpi_50-digital-coverThe excellent Raspberry Pi magazine The MagPi have released their 50th issue (free to download but also available to buy in print).

To celebrate they feature the top 50 Raspberry Pi projects as voted for by readers and their panel of judges. We are very pleased to have been included in their top software projects as judged by Eben Upton. Thanks! 🙂

Thanks also to everyone who has contributed to the RetroPie project and to the developers of the many emulators and games that we include.