@solecize oh yeah I remember those days. The original restoration/conversation of my BerZerk cabinet was done in late 2000, just when Ultimarc and all the I-Pacs were coming out. I remember I was going to do the keyboard hack, but bought one of the first versions of the I-Pac. My first spinner was a trackball and HD bearing hack that worked pretty good. That cabinet saw a few refreshes, one being the upgrading of the control panel, then the computer which was done multiple times. Lol.

I basically love the hobby and I really enjoy seeing guys restore the old cabinets. With all the great graphics available out there we don't have to make our own stencils any more. Lol. It was fun and challenging, but I'm happy to just buy the stuff now and save on the time.

Good luck with the restoration, I'm still finishing Gorf and BerZerk will once again be refreshed. I'm trying to source the original metal control panel, or if I have to, I'll make one myself.

If you need any help, let me know. Having just done it, it's all still fresh on my mind.