Hi, I'm trying to do this but I can't, and just found this post with no answers. I can use hi-res textures with mupen64plus-gles2rice-highres and mupen64plus-GLindeN64-highres only: · For gles2rice and GLindeN64 you must put the images (.PNGs) in /home/pi/.local/share/mupen64plus/hires_texture · For lr-mupen64plus I found somewhere that you must use the .htc file generated by some Windows emulator, but I found that file also in Retropie inside /home/pi/.cache/mupen64plus/cache which has been created by GLindeN64 (at least with Super Mario and Mario Kart because others not) but I don't know where to put it. I've read it should be in the "cache folder", but defining it with RGUI and putting /home/pi/.cache/mupen64plus/cache folder, doesn't work... · For mupen64plus-gles2n64 some works but others not. · For lr-parallel-n64 and mupen64plus-videocore I don't know if you can use hi-res textures. Any ideas?