I found these instructions and tested them:

link text

What I did for USB memory stick was to input these settings to be used (settings for regular HDD might be different):

sudo hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda sudo hdparm -S 0 /dev/sda

I first tested them for 30 mins in Driver 2 and then for about 20 mins in Gran Turismo 2 and then again with Driver 2 for 5 minutes. With the Driver 2, I didn't encounter a single freeze in 30 mins. Then I went for the GT2. There I withnessed 3-4 freezes overall. Then I went back to the Driver 2, because I started to think, that maybe heat or something triggers the freezing issue. But on the second tryout with Driver 2, no freezes at all.

So now I'm wondering, that could it be about the emulator software or does the game have differences in data loading methods. Needs to be further investigated and someone else could try with that guide I linked.

Update: I now discovered, that there is audio cuts during the GT2 Arcade Disc's demo, that starts rolling after a while when sitting on the main menu. Maybe the issue could be related to that as well, sync problems you know.