@jiryn said in Sound Issues with System 32 Games in MAME2003, 2010 and 2016 (Jurassic Park):

Interesting, and I never use the controllers in bluetooth mood, they are always hard wired to the console with USBC
Never tried overclocking, just use it stock for the most part.

More interested in the best em ups anyways, but Jurassic Park was always a fav.

The Sega system 32 graphical rewrite circa MAME97-98 will always cause performance issues on lesser devices,
as @barbudreadmon suggested quite often this can cause skipping and or other sound issues. MAME2003
is one of the fastest cores and apart from that it uses the faster although slightly more imperfect system 32
video code from before the big rewrite i mentioned above.

So it might be your best bet to get the best performance on your device of choice and may sort your sound problems
when playing Jurassic Park it's worth a try at least.