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Famicom folder

  • @mediamogul It gets a little more complicated than that i think!

    You also need to add famicom to your es_system.cfg file. I believe that is located here: /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg
    Here is a link to how to do it in the docs Docs Link

    nes should look like this:

    <fullname>Nintendo Entertainment System</fullname>
    <extension>.7z .nes .zip .7Z .NES .ZIP</extension>
    <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ nes %ROM%</command>

    Copy this and place the following right below it:

    <extension>.7z .nes .zip .7Z .NES .ZIP</extension>
    <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ nes %ROM%</command>

    Now the tricky part is that if you want to have a different log for famicom you need to modify an existing theme or choose a theme that has famicom set up.

    If you want to modify an existing theme you can find it here:

    You will want to copy the nes folder within the theme and rename it famicom. You will then want to edit the last line of the famicom system we added above in the es_systems.cfg to <theme>famicom</theme>

    Last you want to find open the "art" folder with the newly named famicom folder inside the theme. replace the nes logo file, it should be named system.svg or system.png or system.jpg. You want to replace it with a new logo for famicom. you will need to have the same file type as the file you are replacing, or you will need to edit the theme.xml which can vary by theme. This can get very complicated for those who have not played around with themes before.

    Easy solution for you, instead of modifying a theme, Find a theme you like that supports famicom. I believe that @ruckage mini famicom theme supports it Cardboard Mini NES + Nes mini and Famicom mini themes, i know that my comic book theme also supports it, new-comic-book-theme You will still need to modify your es_system.cfg file, but you wont have to modify any themes or logos, unless you want to learn how, which is very fun and something i recommend.

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    @TMNTturtlguy said in Famicom folder:

    It gets a little more complicated than that i think!

    I just have my Famicom games separated as I mentioned above and they all seem to be working well. Of course adding the Famicom itself as a separate system can have it's own set of aesthetic benefits.

  • @mediamogul got it! I misread the original post and thought they requested a famicom logo, but I now see they wanted an image for the folder! My mistake.

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    No problem. Your post might just sway him to go in that particular direction. It really would look nicer that way.

  • Thanks guys. I'm very grateful for all the info that you gave me regarding my quest for having a sleek Famicom folder to match all the other folders in my Pi.
    Tomorrow I'm gonna try to implement it based on your insights.
    Just one last question regarding the Famicom Folder. What are the image measurements for the folder picture/icon?

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    @Robotechvfx said in Famicom folder:

    my quest for having a sleek Famicom folder to match all the other folders in my Pi

    That being the case, you'll definitely want to add Famicom as a system as @TMNTturtlguy illustrates above.

    What are the image measurements for the folder picture/icon?

    If you want to integrate it with the default Carbon theme, the images for the other systems are all SVG vector images that can be dynamically and cleanly scaled to any size. If you're planning on using raster images, I'm not really sure myself.

  • @mediamogul
    I might go with svg (small vector graphics). It will help make things look cleaner.
    I may try @TMNTturtlguy 's method. I'm gonna read into to it a bit more before proceeding.

  • Thanks for all the help @mediamogul and a special tanks to @TMNTturtlguy . Your tips where spot on.


    One las remark that I would like to leave here for anyone trying to create logos or themes in illustrator CC, the following are the correct presets for saving your svg files for retro pie.
    I was having trouble until I found this.

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    Looks really nice. Great job.

  • @Robotechvfx That’s a really nice image- I hate to ask, but can you post a link to it? I’d love to use it on my system.

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