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SNES Classic Build (WIP)



    • I had a two dimensional goal with this project. The first was to get my feet wet with a Raspberry Pi. The second was to build my version of an SNES Classic. It has since evolved into an all purpose retro machine including nes, snes, gensis, gb, gbc and gba. I do however plan on further perfecting the setup over time.

    List of parts used thus far


    Imgur Album

    Future Plans

    • Add functional power led at the front of the case

    • Buy a new "silent" fan as the current one is quite loud.

    • Simulate the original SNES power switch

  • @numotiv
    Hey, great idea! Might do something like this as well...

    Case/RPi/Power Supply looks totally fine
    I really like the 8bitdo controllers and had no issues with the nes/snes/nes30 ones

    I would recommend buying a 8gb SD Card and useing a 64 gb USB drive (you don't have to, but I did)... Actually, no don't, that would destroy the look :-)

    You don't really need much experience for this :-P

  • Thanks for the reply! The memory card is just one I already had laying around. Its fast and big so might as well use it for something.

  • Here is a quick wip of the system menu. Not really sure which direction to take this. NES had such a unique design. SNES is just a grey brick haha.

    Any suggestions or concepts are welcome!

  • Just a comment based on the photo of the case: Don't bother with putting a fan in it. Unless you are overclocking the Pi you won't need it. I've had a Pi3 in one of those Genesis USB hubs for months with no ventilation at all and it's just fine.

  • @obsidianspider The fan comes with it for an extra $4. May as well. If it was a huge addition I'd probably not care.

  • So I went out and purchased the 8bitdo SNES controller. Gotta say I LOVE this thing. Everything about it is premium. The packaging is nicer than anything I've seen in a long time. The controller feels 100% like my snes controller and it works wonderfully. I can't decide if I'm going to buy another one for a second player or get the NES one and add NES to the project. I have a question while I wait for the items to arrive (everything is shipped)

    • I have a launchbox/emu movies setup with tons of high quality images and metadata. How can I use that information instead of rescrapping everything with ES?

  • Just a quick update. The Pi arrived and I am currently setting it up. I'm enjoying this quite a bit. Everything other than the case is here. I'll start posting pictures and all that fun stuff in the next couple of days. I may also try tackling a proper on/off switch. If I get really adventurous I will try and get an led in place of the original one that is just painted on the case. As well as making the purple power button actually function like the original snes did. (might be too challenging)

  • Bump for update of original post.

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