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Getting ffmpeg recording working with N64!

  • Hey Guys,

    after i did each step of this tutorial:
    building with ffmpeg, mount usb stick, edit the config etc. my retropi does not record anything...

    the emulator config looks like this:
    the config line in the emulator.cfg for the N64 looks like

    lr-mupen64plus = "/opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch -L /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-mupen64plus/ --config /opt/retropie/configs/n64/retroarch.cfg --record /home/pi/gameplay/video/recording_N64_$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S).mkv --recordconfig /home/pi/RetroPie/recording/config.cfg
    (lr-mupen64plus is my default emulator)

    the recording config is created as decribed in the tutorial from the link above.
    the retroarch menu says "ffmpeg" instead of "null" in recording section, so it seems all fine, but there is not videofile in the gameplay/video folder...

    can anyone help me? :)


  • Or is there a possibility to host a Game on a Windows computer or Mac and others can join? So i could just record my windows/mac screen to record the gamplay...?
    I tried to host a hgame with Project64 and the AQZ-Netplay Plugin but my retropi said: "implementations differs", when i tried to join the game with my retropie :/

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