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  • Whenever I attempt to Exit(Start+Select) an Emulator while using the the PS3 Wireless controller it doesn't exit, I have to unplug the Pi to exit.
    This is on a fresh install of 4.2.13 with the PS3 Option installed...

    ...If I use the same controller connected over USB, I am able to Exit emulators.
    This error only occurs over Bluetooth.

    As I said this is a fresh install and updated to 4.2.13 on a Pi3 using it's internal Bluetooth.

    Thanks for any help.

  • This happens because the PS3 controller for some reason is not recognized as the primary controller. When I used PS3 controllers, i fixed this by disabling the GPIO controller driver and the xbox controller drivers.

  • @natemac Unplugging the Pi to exit is about the worst thing you could do. This could lead to SD card corruption and even permanent damage to the card. You always need to properly shutdown your Pi. If you cannot exit a game, you should plug in a keyboard and exit safely that way. Either that or use an SSH like Putty to perform a sudo reboot.

  • @phoenixjedi Thanks, by disabling the GPIO controller will that affect the USB PlayStation knock off controller I use sometimes?

  • So, hotkey(PlayStation button) + start, seemed to actually worked.
    Maybe this got changed and the info not updated.

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