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  • I'm playing through Resident Evil 2, just completed it with Leon. It made the new Claire Scenario save in memory slot one but I've been having a lot of problems trying to switch virtual discs. Long story short somehow it now seems to have deleted the Claire save.. Even when I go back and load my state (which I saved just after it made the new save) it still isn't there :|

    So.. If I download a completed save file from the net, is there any way to apply it in ES/RetroPie? Much as I love Res Evil 2, I really don't want to play through the whole thing again to get back the save I lost :( Also if someone could do a brief Idiots Guide To Switching Discs, I'd appreciate it. I know some games ask for the second disc which is pretty straight forward, but Res Evil 2 doesn't.

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    if it's the same format (.srm - you could try renaming if it isn't), sure. put it in the same place as your psx roms, replacing your current resi .srm (so having the same name as that previously had)

  • I've successfully used some downloaded save games for other PS1 games such as Gran Turismo 2 (unlock all cars) so it definitely can work.

    Some RE2-specific discussion here:

    Also, there are a number of different formats for save games out there (DexDrive, virtual memory card, etc.) but there are utilities to convert them if you search.

  • Thanks for the help guys.

    I've managed to find a few pretty good looking save files but so far I'm really struggling to find a way to properly convert them. I've got a .gme and a .mcr file but when I check my current PS roms they're all in .PBP format and I can't really find any way to convert to that format.

  • The .mcr file should work. PBP is the format for the image of the PS1 game, not the save game. After launching the emulator you will have pull up the retroarch menu to point the memory card location to wherever your .mcr or .gme files are and it should work. I think it also helps if you are using a BIOS file for the PS1. I know it works but it's not the easiest thing to do.

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