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mame4all and adding ROMs

  • Let me start by saying that i am a complete noob to all of this. So go easy on me please.
    i have mame4all installed and i have my .37b5 ROMs that i am able to use and ready to be added.
    NOW... i copied over (It is in the compatibility list) and ran RetroPie.... Pulled up MAME... and.. NO Donkey Kong.
    What did i do wrong?? i put in the ROMs folder under mame4all. i don't understand. (from the same ROM set) showed up fine.. and played fine. i don't understand.
    i checked the Samples folder... there was nothing there. Do i need the Samples???
    i don't understand?? Should i have copied over and then rebooted my Raspberry Pi??
    Please Help, Thanks, David, ThunderBoyDavid

  • try to put the rom in mame libretro folder, or you can use the romcenter program to audit and check your romset,

    , or dowload a another rom set for exmaple the MAME2003_Reference_Set_MAME0.78_ROMs_CHDs_Samples

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    @thunderboydavid Whenever you add new ROMs you only have to restart EmulationStation, but a PI reboot would also make the game appear.
    What happens if you leave only the ROM in the mame4all folder ? It's getting detected ? Maybe it's assigned the wrong name.

  • After using ClrMamePro and updating my ROM set... and finding out that i didn't have to go through all of that....
    i already had the correct ROM set version. All i had to do was copy over and then ReStart EmulationStation.
    Donkey Kong showed up and played just fine after that. Thanks for all the Great Advice.!!!!!
    Later, David, ThunderBoyDavid

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