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ScummVM page shows subfolders for each game

  • This is my file-structure:

    • scummvm
      • atlantis
        • ATLANTIS.000
        • ATLANTIS.001
      • comi
        • COMI.SCUMMVM
        • ...

    Doing so works. Emulationstation finds the game and i am able to start it.
    BUT that brings subfolders to my scummvm-page in emulationstation. My scummvm-page shows the folder "atlantis" with the game "atlantis" in it.
    When I place the dummy .scummvm-files to the root of the scummvm-dir i get rid of this subfolders. But then retroarch cannot start the game.

    I am running Emulationstation 2.6.3 in windows.

  • I found a workaround:

    I added a .scm-File to the root aof the scummvm-games-folder.

    For atlantis i have the atlantis.scummvm-file insidde the atlantis-folder and a atlantis.scm-file outside that folder.

    In es_systems.cfg i changed the command:

    <command>RetroArch\retroarch.exe -f -L "RetroArch\cores\scummvm_libretro.dll" "PATHTORETROGAMES\retro\ScummVM\games%BASENAME%%BASENAME%.scummvm"</command>

    and changed the extension to scm.

    This means EmulationStation sees the .scm-file as the rom and adds it to the gamelist without annoying subfolders.
    When starting the rom, wo don't care about the fake .scm-file. We grab only the basename and assume there is a folder with the same basename with the scummvm-file inside it.

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