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Making an xbox one s controller wirelessly, recongnize as an wired xbox one s controller

  • Hello! So, my problem is, that my Xbox One S Controller is Wirelessly recognized as an "Xbox Wireless Controller" and the Keys with that are just messed up, i cant even use Drastic. Now, when i use the Controller wired, it says im using an "X-Box One S Pad" and everything works just fine. So my Question is, is it possible to make an wirelessly connected Xbox One S Controller getting recognized as an wired Xbox One S Controller?

  • @darkside1305 did you try to remap the buttons when wireless? I think retroarch is smart enough to understand what you want and make it work. You could map the B A Y X buttons to analog sticks, map the directionals to Let and R buttons if needed. The problem is: you need to decide if you will use it wired or wireless...

  • @danielmewhouse The Controller wirelessly already works with Retroarch, my 2 Problems are that my Select Button doesnt work to open the Options-Menu in the Games-List, and that Drastic isnt working at all.

  • @darkside1305 Just Drastic isn't working with the controller or other cores are acting like this? Sometime ago I've got problems with SNES core identifying my only connected controller as second player. I needed to reconfigure inside the game plugging another controller and opening retroarch options from there.

  • @danielmewhouse Retroarch and Mupen works fine with the Wireless Controller. The Only Problems are the Select-Button in the Games-List, and Drastic.

  • Facing the same issue with "select" not working. Don't know what "drastic" is, so cannot comment on this.

    There seems to be a "fix", but I am not sure whether this is part of 4.3 yet? Anyone has a more recent image and can try? Are their nightly or weekly builds for Retropie?

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