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mame4all-pi artwork not loading

  • I've installed the pre-made RetroPie 4.3 on a Pi 3 following instructions here, a solid power supply, and an Xbox One controller plugged into a USB. I've had great success with all of the other emulators installing anything the Pi 3 will run (because it's fun). I have to run a handful of vector games such as Battle Zone, Red Baron, and Star Wars on mame4all because they don't work correctly on the other Libretro emulators. I've downloaded "old" artwork (the zip files with a PNG and ART file) from Mr. Do's. None of artwork will not load. After several weeks of research, I can not figure out why.

    The artwork file has a name that matches the game rom; e.g. "". The art is placed in /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS/mame4all/artwork/ which is what is specified in the mame4all mame.cfg file. I've searched here and the internet. I can find no documentation about how the artwork works except for the blurb at GitHub and some examples. Here is what the ART file holds:

    //	[artname]:
    //		file       = [filename]
    //		alphafile  = [alphafilename]
    //		layer      = [backdrop|overlay|bezel|marquee|panel|side|flyer]
    //		position   = [left],[top],[right],[bottom]
    //		priority   = [priority]
    //		visible    = [visible]
    //		alpha      = [alpha]
    //		brightness = [brightness]
    // thanks to Nathan Strum for the backdrop graphics
    	file		= bzone.png
    	layer		= backdrop
    	priority	= 0
    	visible		= 1
    	position	= -0.302,-0.167,1.307,1.077

    The /dev/shm/runcommand.log is now showing any errors. I've tried unzipping the files, putting them into different directories, and I'm at a loss. Replicating the problem should be as easly as using the 4.3 pre-built image, loading in 0.37b5 Battle Zone, the old artwork file from Mr. Do, and launhing the game in mame4all-pi. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • This is an old question but an answer is necessary!

    The support for M.A.M.E.'s artwork using external zipped archive (containing .art and .png files, archive placed in the artwork directory) is present from 0.61 to 0.106 versions. After 0.106 version the .art file has been subsitutedd by .lay xml file.

    In versions previous than 0.61 the artwork is supported at driver level, so it is hardcoded.

    mame4all is a version based on 0.37b5 so it will never works

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