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Very slow rom loading on N64 and PSX : faulty sd card ?

  • All is in the title.

    Every other system loads fast.

    Your thoughts ?

    raspberry pi 3
    64 gig sd card class10
    retropie 4.3

  • @evildindon plus, it's a Pi3. N64 emulation requires quite a lot of processing power and this is all well documented. If you take the time to read the section in the documentation, it is all there along with overclock suggestions and spreadsheets of compatibility tests for ROMs.

  • @markyh444
    I know all of this, thanks.
    Actually it's a build for my friend, but on my build, n64 loads pretty fast.

  • @evildindon Give us some numbers. How long does it take on yours? How long on his?
    How slow is "slow"? 30 seconds?, 3 minutes? 30 minutes?

  • @jonnykesh

    On mine I think it's a normal loading time (10 seconds or so).
    On his, at least 60 seconds.

  • @evildindon If you cloned your setup exactly the only thing I could suggest is that the card you put your friends on is an inferior quality card. All that is happening when you launch the game is that it is being read from the ROM folder and written into RAM. So if you have a slower card that would explain it.
    If you are confident that the cards are EXACTLY the same I could only suggest re-writing it and trying again. It shouldn't take long.

  • @jonnykesh

    Hey thanks.
    I didn't clone anything. Fresh install.
    But the cards are diffferent, yes. Mine was a new one (sandisk ultra) and his was a kingston card that was lying around. It's a class 10 though. I have doubts on its integrity.
    I should buy him a new one I guess ?
    Would you recommand samsung or sandisk ?

  • @evildindon I just tested Mario Kart 64. It's taking mine an average of 24 seconds from launch to the Nintendo logo starts spinning. Just checked the card it is a Kingston class 6 32GB. It works fine even though class 10 is recommended. I would go with SanDisk, from a reputable seller. My other cards are SanDisk, I just happened to use this card for the setup I can access at the moment.

  • I agree with @jonnykesh .I will say I'd hate to see a card go to waste if it's not the card. I don't know how you wrote the image or if you back it up but I watch my speeds in win32 disk imager when writing and backing the image up to the cards at the bottom of the window to check my card upon writing the initial image. I don't know of a good card testing program off the top of my head since I just use that.

  • @thedatacereal
    Ok. Can I check the card's read speed with win32 disk imager ? Didn't know that. Will try.

    Anyways I wrote the default retropie 4.3 image on it, using the method I use everytime, so that's why I think about the card.

    The network transfers on it seemed slow to me, too.

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